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Conflict in Ukraine - Russian Invasion


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16 minutes ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

Lot's of Russian websites down from the UK.


The Kremlin and Duma sites are down.

Also RT not available, though accessible from Belarus via VPN.








im getting RT but it did an odd page unavailable message then reloaded and came up as normal 


wonder how long it will be before its pulled from uk TV and youtube 

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1 hour ago, Human10 said:

After WWIII sheep would beg for NWO. It wouldn't be easy after WWII but now technology allows to control whole world by one government... People will be promised that there will be no more war... We will get utopian amazing world - heaven on earth 🙄

Would fit the Problem, Reaction, Solution playbook. Some of the things needed for One World Gov have been getting a test drive during Covidmania. Priming the flock.

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Looks like they're gonna get their war. Ukraine sold out to the American Democrats, they pay Hunter $100,000,000 annually, half of which goes to his father (an audio recording of Hunter telling his daughter that he makes his families money and he has to give his Dad half of everything)


It's obvious this war was planned and Hunters job in the Ukraine its now coming to fruition. You just know when the Cheney's come into Congress that a war is brewing. They are war mongers after all.


These Democrat and Republican Families are so corrupt, criminals of the highest degree. The Clintons and Bidens and Cheneys and Bush's are the Globalist Pirates of the New World Order, they have no patriotism nor political loyalty. It's them against everyone else. The Rich against the Poor and now a world revolution will cement  two thousand years of their ancient and great work, that is simply, to take over and control the World'.


A funny article said that those who blame Hillary Clinton for any crimes are in fact suffering from an obsessive, delusional disorder.


Who's worse, those of wickedness in high places or those who blindly follow them, thus turning against their own and dividing that all maybe conquered.

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27 minutes ago, KingKitty said:

I was just now looking at the RT News website. It was functioning. Only one page really focused on this story, their other pages are biz as usual. Even have the Alec Baldwin story. I didn't get the sense of World War Three looming.

Of course not, the Putin controlled media wants to convince you it's just "a millitary operation" to protect Russia.

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4 minutes ago, Incontinentia_Buttux said:

I think this conflict is actually showing up who amongst the conspiracy theory community has been manipulated by Russian propaganda over the years.


Not manipulated. They just offered us each a free case of premium vodka, personally signed by Putin. It was better than the Western alternative... a free rainbow flag, framed and signed by Trudeau.

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