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Conflict in Ukraine - Russian Invasion


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I posted this earlier - but really starting to think it's most likely true.


On a purely geopolitical level, I'm totally convinced that any of the so-called military forces the Ukrainian puppet Regime had collapsed and Russia is now just cruzin' peacefully on in (after initial shock-strike-capturing of those labs & nuke-powers, take out of airbases etc and security of the East)...

- Going out of their way NOT to target civilians, going out of their way NOT targeting civilian infrastructure,  NOT acting like the Red Army of yester-year...nothing like that at all... all very surgical, professional, clean - RU does NOT want to destroy the Ukr and RU soliders DONT want to be sadistic towards their Slavic brothers.


Yes millions have fled cities to Grandmas rural villages (the country is fvking HUGE) and fled across the borders.. out of fear and unknowing - not because RU is going to rain bombs on their apartments and shoot them in the streets (although Im sure their propaganda has been saying so)


I bet all that money pumped in over the years has been laundered away and weapons/military hardware has been used up throughout the past 8 years against the East (and/or now been captured/targeted by RU) - no 'fully functioning' military really actually existed - thats why theyve had those militias and having to force them men to stay and beg for foreigners to go join lol and if it did, majority of normal soldiers - not the vicious crazy neo-Nats - just surrendered, hence no one to operate all those weapons anyway....


This is captured a few hours/half day ago rolling through a city over 100kms away from Crimea - lol that BBC journo tweeting out how to use molotov cocktails against tanks!! FFS LOOK at those things! 




especially when you factor in the amount of pure BS that's just pouring/dribbling out the mouths in the West about how "powerful" and "winning" Ukr are...  - I don't think there's even a middle ground, it's like covid, just the complete opposite..



Gonzalo Lira - 7mins - says ~approx 4 million inturntally displaced - journos, mayors, citizens have been "disappearing" / murdered by Regime-Nats-crazys recently, shot in the streets etc OR could have gone underground - no one will know where/what for a month or 2.



Fingers x but Im now thinking theres NOT going to mass death of brothers - unless of course NATO dares attempt their own invasion?? Like in from Poland? By land? Boots on the ground?  FLying planes into the airspace? Really?  I cant imagine that practicality of that happening??  but who knows...

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Just some observations. 


This Ukraine situ is suspicious. Social media is good for something: charting public discourse. It's a kind of social geology. You can analyse all the rocks and all that stuff. And what I noticed was this: The freedom movement in Canada was causing waves around the world. It was highlighting the agenda, which is being aggressively pushed in Canada. It was inspiring people all over the place. It was also creating public discourse about the WEF. Then you had Maajid Nawaz on that Rogan show making a case against the WEF. Lots of chatter about the WEF. People were digging into it. I'm willing to bet that in the entire history of the WEF there has never been so much public chatter about the WEF. It was good to see. After all, there really is a small group of global power elites that have a grand vision for civilisation. The truth was always out in the open but more people than ever were aware of it. 


Then boom. Ukraine. Look over here. All the talking points vanished. And it's now all about this shiny new thing 'over there'. 


I find that highly suspicious. 


I know some will say the WEF is just the front for the secret societies, cult etc. But I say we can attack the secret societies via their appendages such as Schwab and the other cocks of the new world order. 


Let's keep hammering on this WEF thing. 


Could lead somewhere. 

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Just found this site - RU tracking of RU forces as they take Ukr.

I "have a feeling" it's legit.

It's not dripping in propaganda, it's just a very clear-cut run down, day by day reporting of the mission.....


It's a legit news site, if this military stuff is faked - it sure is good having links to many sources..


Map of military operations in Ukraine for 03/07/2022



Up-to-date information on military operations over the past day

On the morning of March 7, the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Lugansk ,  fired at the oil depot, eyewitnesses reported a strong explosion. The Russian army reopened humanitarian corridors from Kiev, Mariupol, Kharkiv and Sumy, but like last time no one passed through them.  


In the Ministry of Defense The Russian Federation spoke about the heroism of the Russian military participating in the special operation. Also announced that at the moment 2,396 objects of the military infrastructure of Ukraine have been destroyed.


In Pervomaisk, as a result of the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, died peaceful resident. In Kharkov region, citizens turned to the authorities with a demand to cooperate with Russia and accept humanitarian assistance.


At the evening briefing, the Ministry of Defense covered main events of the day. Major Igor Konashenkov announced that units of the Russian Armed Forces now control Novoukrainskoye, Staromayorskoye, Staromlynovka, Mayorovo and Removka, and the LPR troops took control of the settlements of Kudryashovka, Voronovo, Metelkino, Medvezhye, Oskolonovka, Petrovka, Aleksandrovka. The People's Militia of the DPR established control over the settlements of Latmoye, Berezovoe, Yasnoye, Maksimovka and Valeryanovka.

Mariupol completely surrounded. The exit from the city towards Zaporozhye is dangerous, there are constant battles and nationalists. It also became known that the Russian troops broke through the defenses of the Ukrainian military in the city of Izyum in the Kharkiv region, and the forces of the DPR reached the border of Zaporozhye regions of Ukraine.


On the evening of March 7 in the Zhytomyr region  there was strong fire. 

Previously, Readovka showed what the map looks like military operations in Ukraine on March 6



And you can scroll back through the maps and watch the take over day by day.....


General newsfeed



Have to have an automatic language translator on your browser active though, of course.


"Ukraine's Military Standing Strong" - yeeeeeahhhh.....nah.



Readovka is a popular news source, a rapidly growing media holding that includes Readovka, Readovka67 and the Ready communications agency.

Resonant news and bold investigations.

The editors of our site keep track of the most important information in the massifs of the information space. We quickly and in an accessible form write about the main news of the day in the headings of the empire, economy, life, incidents, sports, culture and science.

Also subscribe and follow our news:

Telegram channel - https://t.me/readovkanews

Community VKontakte - https://vk.com/readovkanews

Instagram - https://instagram.com/readovka.official

The site  readovka.news  (hereinafter referred to as the Site) is a mass media registered in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation (certificate of registration of mass media El No.  FS77-73246  dated July 13, 2018, issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information technologies and mass communications (Roskomnadzor)

Chief Editor - Alexey Kostylev, [email protected]

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19 hours ago, skitzorat said:

 Never heard of this fighter but he's calling out the Biden family Ukr. corruption and saying he would only fight to defend the soil of Arkansas and the people he loves👊


The absolute definition of Based in 1:34



This 27yo fighter guy is literally a cattle rancher who trains on his Arkansas farm with wood and cinder blocks and pushing wheelbarrows of dirt!👊💪💪💪💪💪💪


I feel really sad for him - he's obviously so shy and nervous being on TV like this, but he's just so black pilled about the United States🇺🇸 - and I am too...


"...it's EVIL, it's EVIL that's taken over this Nation.."



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21 hours ago, alexa said:

The Queen says it with flowers: Her Majesty shows solidarity with Ukraine as she stands in front of a large bouquet of blue and yellow flowers during her first in-person audience since catching Covid 









No masonic handshake this time, like she did with bill gates


Must have edited it out. Probably got straight down to sucking satan's cock and going to the local orphanage - bastards



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On 3/7/2022 at 9:43 AM, sickofallthebollocks said:

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan not keen on playing ball with the U.N this time round:




Khan is an all around international idiot. Now he's taking sides with the russians, It's all just reading from a pre-rehearsed script.


He has the worst covid restrictions in the world. People were allowed out of their homes for one hour a week to grab a few essentials, then he put the army on the streets to shoot and arrest anyone they found.


Khan is paying gangs £2000 to go around forcibly vaxxing people. The gangs smash down doors and pin people to the ground, all under the eyes of the watching police officers

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On 3/7/2022 at 1:43 PM, Mitochondrial Eve said:


Christian, Ice Age Farmer, has been covering the supply chain issues and is warning people to be prepared for rationing - a narrative that is now entering the mainstream. Obviously, it is the countries most reliant on wheat exports from Ukraine that are most at risk - this includes Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Turkey and Nigeria.


China is prepared and has been stocking up on wheat and corn for months along with US soy in recent weeks. However, there are reports that China's winter wheat crop, after heavy rain fall last year, could be the "worst in history" which, as the world's biggest consumer of wheat, would exacerbate the concerns about grain supplies.


Also, the banning of RT (including on Telegram now) is particularly worrying for the alt media and Christian suggests we can bookmark the IP to his site directly in case of DNS-level censorship (ie, entire domain names).




Isn't it illegal to grow your own food. Have heard of peeps being prosecuted.

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On 3/7/2022 at 7:46 PM, oddsnsods said:

Your energy prices are going up - discover how we can help🤡

Dear Mr Sodoff.


How this will impact you

Your energy bill will be £796 more per year (equivalent to £15 per week) for electricity. Please be assured, the price cap is designed to ensure you pay a fair price for your energy and following the changes on 1st April, your prices aren't planned to change again until at least 1st October 2022. 


We need a movement to ban the meter.

If we all disable our meters, wtf they going to do?




Is it possible to hack the meter, slow it down



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We will fight them in the sea, air, forests, fields and streets... we will not surrender': President Zelensky echoes Churchill's famous WWII speech in moving address to Commons and gets a standing ovation as he vows to defeat Putin's invasion of Ukraine

  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenksy today delivered a historic virtual address to MPs in the Commons 
  • Mr Zelensky channeled Winston Churchill as he vowed to fight Russian forces on the land, at sea and in the air
  • Mr Zelensky was given a lengthy standing ovation by MPs both before and after he delivered his remarks








Usually the DM comments usually telling the real moods, but this particular thread wold be be bot overdrive, obviously... Or have the masses, despite waking up to the convid, been put straight back into a spell?


It's really hard to know....

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8 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


Although the Russians play their part well. Its hardly difficult with clowns like Cathy Newman.






oh good god! THAT woman!


Didnt know the name but seen her many, many times over the years - she's such a tit. just a tit....(I can't remember if Brits use that slang)


Always just the same, that Cathy - every time.. how embarrassing that they stick her in front of these actual important diplomates... all part of the humiliation of the West games I guess - like sending US Border Tzar Camel toe Harris over to Europe as a top negotiator over Ukr borders..



Or having this potato as US "president"


Time Magazine ( June 21 / 28, 2021 ) - Taking on Putin - President Joe Biden cover

POTATUS Gets Lost Walking Off Stage

EDITOR'S NOTE: The circus music wasn't edited in...HAHAHA


But yes, I've always liked the way Ruskies are in these situations. Always on form. And I believe the Russians too (for the most part, you know) - they always just say verifiably factual things. And I'm not one for theatre.  All very simples, Comrade.

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9 hours ago, skitzorat said:

not copying over everything/banter/media etc






Rendition of this tale of the Khazarian, posted earlier today by Clif High:

Skip to about the 7:40 mark to get past Clif's woes dealing with a piece of beach front property he has.

Clif provides only a brief introduction to this history, relying on one of his strengths, linguistics for some of the pertinent detail.




Clif High is back with his take on what’s going on in Ukraine.

At about nine and a half minutes in, he begins talking about Khazaria. Ukraine is located in territory that between 600-900 AD was part of the 
Khazarian Empire.

Many details about Khazaria remain mysterious and this is so, Clif says, because its denizens were the original identity thieves and its descendants, the Khazarian Mafia have for centuries controlled the world’s empires and banking systems – and most importantly, The Narrative.

As Winston Churchill said, “History is written by the victors.” Clif says the Khazarian Mafia has “altered, history, philosophy, viewpoints, all of these things, in order to protect themselves, because they are the name-stealers.”

He says that what’s happening in Ukraine is not as is being portrayed in the West. He says it’s not an invasion, it’s an incursion, in which the Russians are going after the biolabs.






Khazaria 2.0? The Planned Jewish Migration Out of Israel – to Ukraine





Russia Slams Israeli 'Occupation' of Golan Heights After Jerusalem Supports Ukraine


 Russia's UN envoy voices 'concern' about Israel's plans for expansion in the north, saying Russia does not recognize its sovereignty over the region, hours before Russian attacks on Ukraine






Zelensky is Not in Charge of Ukraine, Nazis Are - And They Believe They Are on a Mission From God to 'Derussify Ukraine in Holy War'


While Western media deploys Volodymyr Zelensky's Jewish heritage to refute accusations of Nazi influence in Ukraine, the president has ceded to neo-Nazi forces and now depends on them as front-line fighters.

Back in October 2019, as the war in eastern Ukraine dragged on, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky traveled to Zolote, a town situated firmly in the "gray zone" of Donbas, where over 14,000 had been killed, mostly on the pro-Russian side. There, the president encountered the hardened veterans of extreme right paramilitary units keeping up the fight against separatists just a few miles away.

Elected on a platform of de-escalation of hostilities with Russia, Zelensky was determined to enforce the so-called Steinmeier Formula conceived by then-German Foreign Minister Walter Steinmeier, which called for elections in the Russian-speaking regions of Donetsk and Lugansk.

In a face-to-face confrontation with militants from the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion who had launched a campaign to sabotage the peace initiative called "No to Capitulation," Zelensky encountered a wall of obstinacy.

With appeals for disengagement from the frontlines firmly rejected, Zelensky melted down on camera. "I'm the president of this country. I'm 41 years old. I'm not a loser. I came to you and told you: remove the weapons," Zelensky implored the fighters.






Why is the West silent about Ukrainian neo-Nazi movements, Azov Battalion, & the Bandera legacy?

Azov battalion soldiers take an oath of allegiance to Ukraine in Kiev's Sophia Square before being sent to the Donbass region
French President Emmanuel Macron claimed in his Wednesday address to the nation that Russia's special operation to demilitarise and "de-Nazify" Ukraine is "not a fight against Nazism", thus joining the chorus of political leaders and media outlets in the West who downplay or altogether deny the problem of Ukrainian ultra-nationalism.

Ukraine's ultra-nationalist and neo-Nazi battalions made headlines after the 2014 February coup d'etat in the country only to be largely overlooked and downplayed in the ensuing years by the mainstream media.

"Far-right, anti-Semitic, anti-Russian, and openly fascist groups have existed and do exist as a blight on modern Ukraine", CNN wrote in March 2014. It quoted a 2012 European Parliament resolution raising 18 points of concern over policies embedded in the laws of the nation's parliament, and denounced "the rising nationalistic sentiment in Ukraine".

CNN admitted that Ukraine's ultra-nationalist parties and groups, including Svoboda and the Right Sector ultra-nationalists, played a significant role in the 2014 regime change in Kiev and later assumed positions in the National Security and Defence Council, the office of the Prosecutor General, and the ministries of ecology and agriculture of the interim government.

Shortly after the coup, Ukraine saw the formation of volunteer nationalist battalions that carried out attacks against the breakaway Donbass republics and terrorised Eastern Ukrainian civilians. One of them, Azov, was led by Andriy Biletsky, former leader of the Kharkov branch of "the Stepan Bandera All-Ukrainian Organisation 'Tryzub'" and co-founder of the ultra-nationalist movement, the Social-National Assembly.

Biletsky was quoted as saying in 2010 that Ukraine's mission was to "lead the white races of the world in a final crusade...against Semite-led Untermenschen [subhumans]". He was a member of the post-coup Ukrainian Parliament between 2014 and 2019. Azov formally joined the Ukrainian National Guard in 2014.

The Azov regiment, that still proudly wears the neo-Nazi Wolfsangel insignia, is notorious for attacking and displacing residents in eastern Ukraine, looting civilian property, as well as raping and torturing detainees in Donbass, according to a 2016 UN report by the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OCHA).

Ukrainian nationalist organisations and political movements have been disseminating their ideology among young people with Kiev's backing and funding. In 2020, the Ukrainian government allocated money for nationalist projects, including the "Cyborg Igor Branovitsky Charity Run", "Young Banderite Course", "Banderstadt Festival of Ukrainian Spirit", etc. As the Ukrainian outlet STRANA.ua noted in 2020, the nationalist projects were due to receive 8 million hryvnia ($266,416) which is almost half of all the funds allocated by the Ukrainian government for children's and youth organisations.

The ministry's 2020 list also included the project "Unconquered" - named in honour of Yaroslav Robert Melnik, a regional leader of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) of the Carpathian region and a "major political educator" of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA)*. Both OUN and UPA are infamous for collaborating with Nazi Germany and conducting the ethnic cleansing of Jews, Russians, Roma, and Poles in the Nazi-occupied territories of Ukraine during WWII.


A group of more than 40 human rights activists have filed a petition with the High Court of Justice, demanding the cessation of Israeli arms exports to Ukraine. They argue that these weapons serve forces that openly espouse a neo-Nazi ideology and cite evidence that the right-wing Azov militia, whose members are part of Ukraine's armed forces, and are supported by the country's ministry of internal affairs, is using these weapons.

An earlier appeal to the Defense Ministry was met with no response.

The ministry's considerations in granting export licenses for armaments are not disclosed to the public, but it appears that the appearance of Israeli weapons in the hands of avowed neo-Nazis should be a consideration used in opposing the granting of such a license.






The War on Donbass

Fra Hughes
21st Century Wire

For those who claim President Putin is a megalomaniac sociopath intent on drawing Europa and America into some kind of Machiavellian war in order to massage his over-inflated ego, let’s look at the facts shall we?

Over the past 8 years, Putin and Russia have avoided a conflict with Ukraine, and by extension the EU, America and NATO, through his refusal to formally intervene or annex the Lugansk and Donetsk Republics, or indeed, to formally acknowledge them as independent states.

He allowed the Minsk Agreements I & II from 2014 and 2015 to form the basis of negotiations between the Lugansk Peoples Republic, the Donetsk Peoples Republic, and the regime in Ukraine. Moreover, Russia also received a mandate for the realization of the Minsk peace process from the UN Security Council through Resolution 2202.

For over 7 years, the regime in Kiev, to include the infamous fascist Azov pro neo-Nazi, nationalist Ukrainian armed forces battalions, have continually violated the Minsk Agreements by shelling the independent Republics with prohibited military munitions, causing incredible death and destruction along the way.

President Zelensky, who is being courted by the West, took things further when he escalated tensions and violence on the line of contact and prepared in February this year, for up to 120,000 Ukrainian soldiers to invade and reoccupy the Donbass region.

He stated publicly he wanted Ukraine to become a nuclear power.

Putin had only a few choices:

1. Allow Kiev to retake the Donbass Republics, thereby placing pro Nazi Ukrainian nationalists on its border.

2. Recognise the two independent Republics and send troops to protect them

3. Recognise the two independent Republics followed by a limited incursion into Ukraine to disarm the fascists and save Europe from another war by eliminating the current Nazi threat today.











There is something fishy going on… Yesterday, the US Embassy removed around 2p.m. all their Ukraine Bioweapon lab documents from their website.






These labs are co-run by Fauci’s EcoHealth Alliance and rumor is Russia’s entire military operation right now is unofficially to either secure and/or destroy these labs and gather evidence.

Could it be that Russia isn’t at war with Ukraine but is just focussed on destroying those biolabs? Can we truly say RUSSIA IS NOT AT WAR WITH UKRAINE?

The United States have EIGHT (8) bio-weapons (military) labs in Ukraine. They are NOT run by China or Russia, but by ONLY the U.S.

Why do you think none of this has been mentioned by Joe, Kamala, POSaki or anyone in that administration? All of them had children employed in Ukraine. Hmmm. Why was that?

AND, why aren’t the Russian armed forces killing civilians all around them? This is why – They are not after the Ukrainians. The civilian Ukrainians received guns to protect themselves from the fleeing cabal & their corrupt Soros military. [GAB]



https://avalonlibrary.net/Tintin/Thread_by_WarClandestine_on_Thread _Reader_compressed.pdf



Ukraine is the new Israel think about it they cannot argue themselves out of Palestine Jordan Syria and being the centre of the universe as people are seeing through them.

They have free nuclear energy built by the Russians free weapons state of the art donated by the west.

Total displacement of the people themselves to destabilized the surrounding areas.

They have survived against insurmountable odds.supposedly.


They can hide in plain sight.

It's bigger than most other countries in Europe.

They are nearer to their real mosaic roots.

The separation of the red sea and black sea 

Istanbul not Israel where the akanazis stated.

They are coming home.

Now the final stage concluding their snide spite and total irradication of their original spoilt brats and conniving twatts  history is to remove that history.

They will now bomb Israel and therefore it's surrounding neighbours.

Master of deflections prophecy is only complete when Israel is no more Armageddon starts at Israel and finishes there.


Nice and cost warm and toasty.

The new Jerusalem is near kids start running.


And then build a fortress backed by all the politicians inside never again shocking what about the children.


Blind the christians and then move along now nothing to see here.

Erase the race that claim the place and say we did for ore.


Unlimited nuclear power free energy.

No longer reliant on Arab oilwho really is benefitting most from price surges.

What is this wizadry hypnosis and sorcery.

It's prophecy dear move along we have been promised a land of our own.

And if he doesn't deliver we will steal it anyway.

Always with the sun behind us.

And in the enemies eyes.














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Listening to the high-functioning, highly intelligent ‘assisted needs’ secondary school children I work with, speaking amongst themselves on the bus home yesterday; one said, “All the teachers were talking about in every class was the Russia/Ukraine conflict, especially geography.” Another replied, “Why didn’t you tell them that we don’t give a fuck?”


I couldn’t have said it better myself!


Kids of today are more aware than we give them credit for… especially some of the autistic ones. By the time one-in-two people are “neurodivergent” no-one will “give a fuck” about any of this garbage propaganda, designed to initiate 'Cyber Polygon.'



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Yesterday Poland wanted to give the US their MiG-29 Jets - but wanted to station and start them on Ramstein Airbase which is US territory in the middle of Germany.....thats nice.....they dont want to it risk it themselves instead they wanted to strike from German soil 💥


thanksfully the US government gave a no for the moment - while some of our damn Politicians were for it 😵

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31 minutes ago, Moonlight said:

Yesterday Poland wanted to give the US their MiG-29 Jets - but wanted to station and start them on Ramstein Airbase which is US territory in the middle of Germany.....thats nice.....they dont want to it risk it themselves instead they wanted to strike from German soil 💥


thanksfully the US government gave a no for the moment - while some of our damn Politicians were for it 😵


You can read these people like a village map

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1 hour ago, Moonlight said:

Yesterday Poland wanted to give the US their MiG-29 Jets - but wanted to station and start them on Ramstein Airbase which is US territory in the middle of Germany.....thats nice.....they dont want to it risk it themselves instead they wanted to strike from German soil 💥


thanksfully the US government gave a no for the moment - while some of our damn Politicians were for it 😵

Psycho Captain Tobby Ellwood won't be happy with the US government, Ellwood is a loose Cannon a fucking fruitcake he is a war pervert ! 

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Don't know if this has been posted before as i haven't been around much of late but it'ss a rather splendid Documentary by Oliver Stone  called 'Ukraine on fire' and is a fantastic potted history of the country  up to th colour revolutions...45 minutes in watch for the progression of NGO's and that saggy eyed sack of shit Soros make an appearrance




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35 minutes ago, Nip said:


Who the f^ck voted this idiotic psycho in as an MP. ?  Shame on them. FFS !

Ellwood is a wanker, he confronted youths who were playing football on the street they threw stones at him and punched him 😂 what fucking chance has he got against the Russians ? The man is a first class Tosser.

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