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Conflict in Ukraine - Russian Invasion


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3 minutes ago, zArk said:

so the russian money laundering system called chelski fc is no more....


but Michie and Sage are still rockin the scientific advice


and R.T news is still broadcasting 


something seems very very wrong

RT's gone in the UK. They turned off the satellite which broadcasts it.


Doubt that Abramovich has done a runner out of the goodness of his heart. He allegedly used stolen funds from the collapse of the Soviet Union to build his fortune and then sunk it into Chelski so Putin couldn't get to it. More to him selling it off than they're saying, I expect.


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As this fiasco has descended into a comedy show, with a comical hero and Netanyahu demanding an end to the bloodshed, (archive pictures of his assault on Gaza) it's looking more like sinister 'clown-world.'


Mr Zelensky accused Russia of resorting to "nuclear terror" and wanting to repeat the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.


Who caused the incident at Chernobyl, the worst nuclear disaster in history?


According to Colonel Tom Bearden’s 2005 book ‘Oblivion’ it was a “friendly little nation.”


From ‘Oblivion’


What caused Chernobyl’s nuclear reactor disaster?


Russian scalar interferometers were kindling energy into the San Andreas fault, preparing to give California it’s long expected Richter 9.0+ quakes, in San Francisco, Los Aneles, etc. “Big One” was imminent.


Detected by a certain “private U.S. group” able to use a novel countermeasure. Considered striking the distant transmitters to prevent perhaps 100,000 to 200,00 US casualties and grave destruction. Risk assessment: Medium.


Group struck one of the transmitters (near Chernobyl) destroying it.


Safety circuits on the transmitter held, bled off energy for nearly 24 hours, then failed. Flashover of remaining energy into earth struck Chernobyl reactor and caused its abrupt increase in excess radiation, venting the containment.


Israel forced Soviet 1986 attack plans to be aborted.


On Brezhnev’s schedule, Soviets were prepared by the end of 1985 to attack and destroy the West in 1986.


Israel struck hard at Soviet forces in 1984, one strike alone destroyed some one-third of all the missiles in the Soviet Northern Fleet. This delayed Soviet attack plans.


With Israeli Quantum Potential superweapons facing it, Soviet Union (KGB) aborted strike plans to avoid being destroyed.


Bearden claims they thwarted another Soviet attack in 1997.


“Israel was and is the only nation which could and can counter such an attack by a rational foe.”


With friends like these, who needs enemies?


QP weapons can simultaneously dud nuclear weapons worldwide, nuclear reactors and nuclear propulsion systems, all communications, electronics, missiles, nuclear warhead electronics, guidance systems, aircraft and ships, instantly killed.


Notice how Israeli attacks are always “pre-emptive” causing destruction and death, to prevent destruction and death… and if these above statements are true, then why are they so afraid of rockets fired by Hamas or what Putin can do?


Zelensky the clown said, "If there is an explosion, it is the end of everything. The end of Europe."


And that will be by design!



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On 3/3/2022 at 8:35 PM, Staeld said:

Trying to watch Everton vs  Borehamwood. It's like a political broadcast for Ukraine. Players walking out carrying Ukraine flags and commentators virtual signalling whenever they can. Ukraine has definitely knocked Covid off the top of the charts.

Was it after kneeling before match? 😆

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25 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

RT's gone in the UK. They turned off the satellite which broadcasts it.

oh so it has


n.b tye wife just told me sage is disbanded. fs i am waaay behind events.

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3 hours ago, zarkov said:



Im not National Socialist or into ethnic cleansing, but I dont get why its okay for a certain racial clique of supremacist Talmudic loons to get away with their ethno state apartheid & also same time fund & train Isis & these Ukrainian Nazis.

Which the 'alternative' truther doesnt seem to wish to mention.

Or like Jimmy Dore, another gatekeeper leftist whos jumped on the truther bandwagon.

Just like so called impartial media doesnt like to mention the Bolshevik Jews or Antifa..dont exist according to MSM.

These Ukranian neo Nazis had their own holocaust, so isnt that an excuse same as why the Israelis oppress & are so paranoid about all their neighbours?

The only thing I dont get with these neo Nazi, is how comes they are siding with the globalist..doh.

Just like Isis siding with the Saudi demons. They just like killing maybe like he says in the video.

They are idiot thugs.


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21 hours ago, oddsnsods said:



Putin went into ukraine, trying to stop the major war, tel aviv, london, and washington is trying to push onto russia, and china.


Your aussie gov, was planning for this before covid started, so go and ask them, as they knew this day was coming, and this set up of russia.

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15 minutes ago, epsom said:

Silly boy.


I am quite aware who Schwab's boys are----but you need to see the bigger picture. 

You have a lot to learn......it's not as black and white as you seem to think. 


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Shouldn’t we all be discussing the Russians and their current project to clear the malicious deep state out of their immediate neighbour’s land?


Where the western deep state backed Ukrainian military has been bombing their own people in the Eastern Ukraine since 2014 ( 14,000 dead so far )…where DS Biden is laundering $billions for his, Kerry and Pelosi's families?.

....and maybe a few words about the US’s 6 Bio Warfare labs purposely placed on Ukraine’s land?... … Or NATO’s failure to obey the conditions of the Minsk agreement over the last 8 years? (by not moving their operational area further east to build up a threat against Russia)?…


Maybe a few words about the Alliance of Nations military ( White hats ) warning of this escalation 2 Yrs ago ?…is no one ' over the pond' worried about Obama’s opportunity to Push his puppet Biden to order a U.S. retaliation against Putin (Now doing the White Hat’s work) …as that would lead to a nuclear war which NATO & the USA would lose within one hour as they have NO defence against the Hypersonic ballistic nuclear missiles which Russia possesses in large numbers? …Just Asking ?  …(Particularly as we in the U.K. are in the firing line too!) …

Nuclear War means ( conservative estimate ) 100 million dead, initially and circa a further 300 million abandoned to die of radiation poisoning, starvation & suicide...…

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On 2/27/2022 at 9:30 PM, XelNaga said:

One can like or dislike Putin, agree or disagree with him etc., but one thing is a fact: he is the most competent and the most intelligent president in the world today. Every single US and EU president from the last couple of decades look like an imbecilic child when compared to Putin. That man is no fool, he knows what he is doing and why.



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2 hours ago, epsom said:


I am quite aware who Schwab's boys are----but you need to see the bigger picture. 

You have a lot to learn......it's not as black and white as you seem to think. 


And you don't seem to think it has nowt to do with just pushing prices up of oil gas electric grain coal etc all of which is Russia and Ukraines plus points? Let's see the prices rise in every country around the world as a result. Before this the government in uk is giving loans out to pay for the energy cap rise to 1500. When as they say it hits 3000 in October let's see how people pay for grain prodcuts that have gone up aswell as everything else. This is nothing more than the next phase in the agenda. Have you seen the footage? Looks as fake as fk. Russia says 15 years in prison if u lie about the war so bbc pulls out of russia, says it all.

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