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Conflict in Ukraine - Russian Invasion


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2 hours ago, TheConsultant said:

What is high energy physics? 

I assume you dont mean particle accellerators and such as that isn't really physics, its people playing around with things understanding very little in the process.

The article linked is interesting and without getting in to the nuts and bolts the takeaway is right, no global threat, but a perceived one for sure.


A nuclear explosion is high energy physics.

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1 minute ago, legion said:


Crying out for death from the pain of a thousand cuts.. 


The thing is, I can understand the disdain for our leaders and NATO, but people really need to ponder whether it's the result of the long march through our insitutions, and whether pro Eurasianists in the West have deliberately created such a negative image of the West to carry out the elites goals. I have a hard time believing that our leaders are just incompetent. I guess this is where I side with older folks that understand what McCarthy was saying years ago.

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2 hours ago, Morpheus said:

As for why he has asking for more weapons..... Well I believe they're doing this to drain NATO and US reserves so they cannot have a go at Russia once they're gone. But who knows, that was pure conjecture. I know nothing. 🤷

It also could be because Russia is destroying them,which I think is more to the point, I think this will possibly be the last hoorah for US world dominance look a the countries they are in at the moment fighting  Syria,  Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan   All these countries have one thing in common they are resource rich, oil minerals or drugs funnily enough so is the disputed area in Ukraine ,also they must be a bit worried  about China with regards to Taiwan as they just have moved 200,000 troops there. The EU solidarity for sanctions against Russia seems to be loosing it's appeal due to oncoming expected severe winter ( thank christ for global warming think how bad the winter would be without it) even the head of Poland now is weakening his stance who was one of the champions of Russian sanctions, when his people are now lining up for 3 days to get coal as there is no Russian gas for heating( for the people that is I bet the fuckers that make these decisions will be nice and warm) Slovenia told the EU to piss off and is still trading with Russia in rubles .

This is all about money power and survival ,the only substantial  export industry the US has is death(that is why they need  to perpetuate war and conflict) and with the impending demise of the petrodollar there will be new kids on the block calling the shots ,sooner rather than later I feel 

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Bob Moran - political cartoonist 

Recently sacked from Mainstream Media. 

His cartoons are usually a very clear indication of Bob's view point. 

This latest one is very ambiguous. 

I realise that art is open to interpretation. 


The Bear = Russia 


Has the bear (with it's young cub) escaped..? 

Has it been released? (by recent events) 

The bear doesn't look threatening. 


Is it the dawn of a new day..? 

Or is the Sun going down..? 







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35 minutes ago, peter said:

It also could be because Russia is destroying them,which I think is more to the point

Maybe, but we still need to factor in the belt and road, BRICS, transfer of technology, critical infrastructure, infiltration of voting systems in other countries; plus general infiltration and subversion which the ruski's are famed for. The question is who is iin who's side? None, they're on all sides. So what's the outcome? That's the question here that there isn't many answers to because it doesn't make sense.


Since the changes in their economy, UBI, free internet, smash the place up and then build back into a smart city gulag. 


Then they'll say hey, look how good this looks, we can do it everywhere, and since so many of your friends and family are now dead we can heard you into their smart city gulag, 10x10 box hooked up to the metaverse. Sounds lovely. 

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39 minutes ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:


It's really hard to buy proper potassium iodide tablets.

It seems like need to be timed with the radiation in air to be affective and thereby  not over use them or sort of 24hours time frame I think ?so that needs state or local instructions I suppose if ever / when necessary , hopefully not!




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