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Conflict in Ukraine - Russian Invasion


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17 minutes ago, DarianF said:


The cunt bitch triad:


- Ursula Von Der Leyen

- Jacinda Ardern

- Greta Thunberg


In no particular order.

Ursula Von der Lying, you mean ?

Jacinda Hardon

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12 hours ago, Nip said:


So, what does he propose we do to ;prepare;, I wonder

Give him more weapons, make the war last longer, sink more ships, piss the russians off even more.  Russians aren't going to nuke anyone, they aren't stupid.  This zelenski is just desperate to keep people on his side.

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Palestinian children are abducted from their beds in dawn raids at refugee camps and incarcerated in Israeli jails without charge, indefinitely. They are arrested and detained on the way to school and in their classrooms. They are beaten by settlers and occupation forces and shot with plastic-coated steel bullets, with soldiers aiming for the head to maximise injury. Children are even killed with live rounds. They are tear-gassed, subjected to stun grenades and forced to watch their homes demolished after eviction. They witness recurring bombing campaigns over their territory and are subsequently traumatised by the ensuing massacres. They endure deprivation on a daily basis; yet, the BBC bewails the plight of Ukrainian children and never mentions the atrocities inflicted on Palestinian children in Hebron, Jenin, Nablus or Gaza.




Why is the suffering of Ukrainian kids exceptional BBC?




On their way to safety, Ilya and his family saw burning buildings, destroyed tanks and corpses along the way.


"I can't escape the feeling that the war is still all around us. I dream about my family being killed or taken hostage by the Russians. I wake up in cold sweat," Ilya says.


His aunt Valentyna Solokova whose family evacuated along with Ilya's says they tried to keep the children distracted by playing games or looking at family photographs.


They were also forced to have difficult conversations, especially when they were running low on food supplies.


"I'd tell the children that bread and water are the most important things. I had to make them understand that they lived one life before, where they had everything, they went to school and played games. And now they had to learn to live without all that,' she said. 'I told them the time has come for you to grow up."


A generation of children in Ukraine is cut off from a normal childhood at the moment. The UN estimates that around two thirds of the country's 7.8 million children have been displaced.


With fighting raging in the south and east, and renewed shelling in Lviv and Kyiv, no part of Ukraine appears safe right now.


It's unclear when the children of this country might be able to return to the life that was suddenly interrupted.




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A high level Russian banker with close ties to Vladimir Putin was found dead in his Moscow apartment, along with his wife and daughter. The mysterious mass murder comes at the same time Western allies vow to send more lethal weapons to Ukraine to kill Russian soldiers.




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In Kharkiv region Security Service of Ukraine found warehouse with ammunition and spare parts for military vehicles worth $200M



To me, this looks like could be stash of weapons etc belonging to arms' dealers who didn't get their stash out of the country early enough. No wonder Zelensky keeps asking for weapons; they are not getting through to those who need them. Deliveries being hijacked or sold by commanders to arms dealers ? Maybe ?

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Wimbledon bans Medvedev worlds no1. Second time in a year politrix ruins the game.


Am I atall surprised tho. lol.


What a fake shithole we live in.


I say only coz the majority wont have a problem with it.


Last year they had a standing ovation for a mass murderer.


Sarah Gilbert, lead scientist behind Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine,  gets standing ovation at Wimbledon -- Watch | World News | Zee News


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Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a stark message to NATO nations today when the Russian Strategic Defense Forces test fired a powerful intercontinental ballistic missile known in Russia as Sarmat, and dubbed by the CIA as Satan. Meanwhile China tested a hypersonic missile too in another warning to the USA



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Nazi's  Nazi's everywhere..its the new McCarthyism...i mean ffs how many do you think there really are in this mythical ultra right wing ghost 'Azov battalion' ?

I think people need to realise how many people comprise a battalion  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battalion


The population of Ukraine was at last decent estimate 41 million


You are being led by the nose like a pig to slaughter if you follow this 'Nazi' narrative that is being rammed down your throats


Utter unmitigated horseshit


More fear driven tactics to get you to obey and bow down to your new overlords

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Wow. Your country is *allegedly* being blown to bits, with children massacred, hopsitals bombed out, women raped in the street, whole ports supposed to be close to extinction due to so much shelling...and yet.....you prioritise the FRENCH ELECTION as something to focus on.


Fishy as fuck. But we know that.

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Jewish businessman paid for Nazi graffiti in Ukraine before Russia invaded – report

Ukrainian oligarch Pavel Fuks, accused of paying locals to daub swastikas in Kahriv and Kyiv, quoted saying ‘he had no choice’ after Russian agents approached him



Its the J'wish thing to do..


Extremists Blame Jews for Anti-Semitic Bomb Threats, Cemetery Desecration

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