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Scientific Report: 5G Radiation Is Killing Animals And Wildlife


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A lengthy report about 5G exposure has found that this newfound radiation source is damaging the health of creatures that live in the wild.

The 150-page report, compiled by researchers at the University of Washington and Johns Hopkins University, contains three sections, the first of which looked at how environmental EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) have radically increased in recent years.

The second part looked at how living organisms are impacted by these EMFs. It reveals how “effects have been observed in mammals such as bats, cervids, cetaceans, and pinnipeds among others, and on birds, insects, amphibians, reptiles, microbes and many species of flora.”

The third section focuses on EMF exposure limits and the prospect of new regulations to help better protect living beings against the harm caused by this constant flood of non-ionizing radiation.




If I have to choose between faster internet and birds and wildlife, I would choose birds and wild life obvious. Someone also pointed out the lack of insects compared to when we were younger and blamed that on LED lights and pesticides and habitat destruction, rather than 4g/5g... 

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EMFs cause dis-eases. Historically "Indluenza" was pandemic on solar cycles. INFLUENza. Influenced by the sun.


Synthetic EMFS cause acute and chronic diseases also and more often and more widespread.


Influenza isn't contageous.


The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life: Firstenberg, Arthur: 9781645020097: Amazon.com: Books


The weakest radio signals we unintentionally created with the telegrah caused an influenza pandemic.


All modern diseases are radio-related.


People who argue the radiation is so low it's harmless omit the fact that natural background radio is so much lower.


If the cosmic radio made it through the atmosphere and magnetosphere, we wouldn't' need large radio telescopes.


If it made it through our shields, your dunce fones wouldn't work at all.


The natural background level is millions of times less than your iDunce.








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Sperm motility decreased after 10 min of exposure, and after 30 min most of the spermatozoa were immobile and not vital. This study provides useful data on the potential ecological impact of the high-band 5G on animal fertility, the effect of which is currently under investigation....



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Has anybody noticed the small midges that used to fly at face height randomly in the middle of a walk in green areas are now not just at face height but all over from the ground upwards? They're not midges either, they have a white-ishness about them. You can see them better if walking in the sunlight.


Maybe it's just me and it's always been that way, maybe I'm just looking at things more because of the way the world is right now.

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