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Cressida Dick Resigns As UK Metropolitan Police Commissioner


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10th February 2022 - Cressida Dick is to leave her post as Metropolitan Police Commissioner. Also posted in the Common Purpose thread, it's like rats leaving a sinking ship at the moment in the UK establishment.


Resigned or "pushed" as a damage limitation exercise before the heat gets turned up any further?


I'm sure most people won't shed any tears to see her gone but the question is, who will replace her?

Another Common Purpose graduate?



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Appalling woman, continually promoted above her station due to whatever agenda it was that wanted her climbing up the greasy pole. Thought she was total teflon to be honest...no scandal or incompetence seemed to stick. 


So the very fact she's gone now raises the question....why? and who really wanted her gone (Muslim Mayor?) and who do they want to replace her, and again...why?


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10 hours ago, HAARPING_On said:

I'm sure most people won't shed any tears to see her gone but the question is, who will replace her?

Another Common Purpose graduate?


Unlike other areas of the country, where the public get to 'elect' their Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), the role of the Met Police Commissioner is 'appointed' by Her Majesty The Queen on recommendation by the Home Secretary. Who is currently Priti Patel, famous for doing very little as Home Secretary except spout empty meaningless rhetoric about dealing with the influx of migrants from across the Channel, as well as being removed from her previous ministerial role for having 'unauthorised' meetings and dialogues with Israeli government officials while supposedly 'on holiday' in Israel a few years ago.


Ms Dick has obviously done her job, and someone has decided that it is time that someone else has a go. The Labour mayor Sadiq Khan is probably playing a political game too - these Tory and Labour politicians prefer to 'point-score' against each other rather than come up with any viable solutions.


You can almost guarantee that whoever gets this 'top job' will be a high-ranking Freemason, or another long serving Common Purpose graduate/stooge eager to make a name for themselves and further the agenda.


You can also guarantee that you will not see any improvement in policing in London, not while the focus is on how 'homophobic and racist' the police supposedly are there.


Once the appointment has been made, the agenda will become much clearer.

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13 hours ago, HAARPING_On said:

who will replace her?

Another Common Purpose graduate?


whenever i hear the word 'woke' i think 'anti-white'

ANYONE but Neil Basu: MPs and campaigners warn woke counter-terror chief who blamed terrorism on social mobility and threatened to jail journalists over Trump cable leaks would be a disaster for top cop job 

By Martin Robinson, Chief Reporter and Rory Tingle, Home Affairs Correspondent For Mailonline

Published: 10:21 GMT, 11 February 2022 | Updated: 17:20 GMT, 11 February 2022

Mr Basu is seen as her most likely replacement for the £230,000-a-year role.

In 2019 he appeared to threaten journalists with prosecution if they ran stories based on leaked government documents – it all seemed a bit big brother, and indicated a tendency to stray into political matters. His comments on taking the knee are a further example of a desire to roam free of his brief.

Frank Furedi, emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent, said: 'His would be a highly political appointment. He is as much a political figure as a police one.

'His claim that right wing terrorism is the fast growing threat indicates that he has a very limited understanding of the threat posed by Islamist/jihadist terrorist. He will be very much seen as Khan appointee and very much a Labour man.'  

Paul Stott, Head of Security and Extremism at Policy Exchange, warned: 'Basu has previously staked his claim for the hearts and minds of our liberal elites by encouraging discussion of whether terms like '‘Islamist’' and '‘jihadist'’ should be dropped from the reporting of… jihadist violence.




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