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Rainbow body

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As the Earth raises its vibration, I am finding it hard to cope being high and need to come back down on the Earth level to get on with my life.

I think this is similar to NDE where nearly deceased didn't want to come back to their family because it felt so good. I don't know where this thread is going to go as my thoughts are all mixed up and not sure if I can write it properly so I'm just dumping my thoughts here for a discussion. lol



To create a Light Body is not magic, nor the result of wishful thinking. It is science—transformational science.


I believe this is the case too. Science hasn't quite caught up on it.



And the whizzing universe of photons and electromagnetic forces within us are the stuff to be molded into a body of rainbows. These are the templates, as well as the raw material that will become “enlightened.” For, as we know, in some cases the entire body becomes nothing other than luminosity




In Tibetan buddhism, they call it the rainbow body and there has been recorded case.


Fallen angels were the lightbody beings made of elementary particles such as proton, neutron, plasma etc.

Quite often when a god comes down to the Earth, it came down as a lightning (plasma).

As the luminous being lowered (fall) their vibration, they manifested as solid body. Before they obtained the solid body, they could not lift a stone....just as ghost cannot. So they did lifted with their mind. They didn't have the vocal chords so they communicated telepathically.


If you watch Rhianna's video, it explains a lot in there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXhIT4MpRis


As Thoth said "THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental."

This isn't some esoteric, mysterious sentence...it was and it is true.

If you have been programmed to think that you cannot walk through a wall, you cannot because that's what you believe and that's what you manifest.

Just as you may think your solid body cannot appear translucent but some can/could.


I can't say too much detail on this story but just found out that there is a mantra that can vanish a plane into another dimension and it has been done during the WWII.  I know what you are thinking..."DP has finally lost the plot. It's a conspiracy!!" No I am not! Think what you like but there are a lot that are hidden from us for one reason or another.

Now, the U.S got hold of this mantra which made me think they've used it on MH370. Anything is possible if you know how.


Connect with the divine and solution will be given.

Guard your DNA because that is your direct telephone line.




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On 2/9/2022 at 8:13 PM, DaleP said:

If you have been programmed to think that you cannot walk through a wall, you cannot because that's what you believe and that's what you manifest.

Just as you may think your solid body cannot appear translucent but some can/could.


RE: Perception you hold


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I love the rainbow body subject, its fascinating! 

What i’ve considered about it has made me realise some truths i never expected to find.


I think, the phenomenon is linked with the duality being (lower ego) ability to transcend this 3-d illusion, because theyve learnt to tap into all parts of Self.
When connected to that part of Self outside the illusion, there is a choice presented….discard the lower and enter the higher. When they answer to discard the lower, the physical substance of the body, transforms into its elemental energy form, only DUE to being connected to the WHOLE being. This is why the rainbow body phenomenon is described as the person disappears and all that is left is hair, nails and dust. Hair, nails and dust are the ‘dead’ cells on our body, attached to it. The dust is old skin cells yet to shed/exfoliate. All other parts of self, is live cells. When we reach a state of spiritual ‘wholeness’ the cells are more alive than we can imagine. They become infused with pure pranic force. Our ego is no longer ‘in the way’ to obscure pranic life force. The ego dissipates/wastes pranic life force. When the ego ‘centralises’ it no longer does that, and pure prana enlivens and tranforms every cell. 

I see it like source creation consciousness is like a battery, and when we connect to that we receive a bolt of pure energy through all our energy bodies and lastly, the cellular material body. 
When we choose to go into the full stream of this bolt…travel into it fully, the whole being of us is immediately transformed, leaving only dead cells behind.


There’s a phenomenon that is similar, a meditation to leave your body, creating death. But the body is left behind. The person chooses/reaches the higher parts of Self, but instead of the bolt type activity, enlivening all the energy body its more like the consciousness travels instantly upwards, discarding all lower bodies. Sadhguru’s wife engaged in this transcendence method. 


Another route of transcending this 3-d illusion and experiencing this ‘bolt of lighting’ connection are at the rare moments in life when we are karmically ‘neutral’. Literally zero-point of this karmic illusion 3-d world. Considering each thought, word, action creates something, to happen to stumble to the point of karmic neutrality is so rare.
The veil is automatically lifted and our minds open to the experience of the spiritual realm. Where our awareness is regarding whats happening determines what happens from that point on. The ego goes into neutral mode due to karmic neutrality, and in response to its awakening can react, which it normally does. Yet the outer karmically neutral force is very strong and the connection to other parts of Self are guiding the ‘lower ego’. As before, the Self connects, and is warp-speed in connection with the All consciousness, and poof, rainbow body occurs.

I wonder if there is choice , as we know choice, in this process, or whether its automatic. Connecting to such a high vibration consciousness while trying to hold onto, be grounded into the denser vibrational lower ego and physical body, is very hard. The force of higher consciousness is extraordinary, and not like controlling/experiencing our dualistic conscious mind. We have to open, not contract. Embrace. 

Like you said, i think some civilisations experienced living in light bodies. Only when mans consciousness became more dualistic, lower vibration did the light body become clothed in matter. The shame of adam and eve being naked when they were thrown out of eden for learning of ‘right and wrong’ = dualistic mind, is a metaphor for this process.
When we experience consciousness outside of the dualistic ego, concepts of right/wrong simply cannot register in our mind. We go beyond judgement, desire, fear…beyond the duality ego-consciousness. Dualistic ego notions of beauty and love attempt to come close to unified consciousness experience, but even the most beautiful and the most loving experience is a meagre shadow of shit compared to non-dualistic consciousness. 
Our ego minds fall for the substitute of god consciousness with man-made beauty and man-made love….and give up god. Literally we fall…into duality density. 

We are the splintered rainbow, and have to assemble the whole rainbow, become ‘whole’…..we’re alreadt it, we’ve just gotta connect fully to realise it! Real-ise it…make real 🌞



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Interesting I shall have to take a look at some of these videos.


I have made associations to the rainbow symbolism here you maybe interested in mate. Some of them about the Tibetan rainbow body you maybe interested in…





This is interesting not that I’d exactly say I trust the messenger however to say the least…


Tibetan Rainbow Body



Kundalini Symbolised” - But some may say in a negative light I guess - The energy is like drugs. Bad without discipline.

Discipline has been taken off us by “big brother”, who of course doesn’t want you/us to wake up but to remain under their wing indefinitely.

The Prodigy - Narayan by"COX"

Another interesting version which I like the video concept - Again the idea of ascension and through death.

A Trap - Symbolic for the rat race/maze of life which we don’t understand the reality we have found ourselves within which may appear vastly different from one perspective to another. Only with a subtle notion of a higher state of existence behind an empty existence (It’s all a horrible joke) that seems like a game we can never really comprehend the meaning of, as if lost or potentially even hiding from a more uncomfortable reality that ultimately needs to be faced, seen past and overcome before otherwise having to repeat the same cycle over and over again, forgetting and having to remember all over again. Trauma is what we are hiding from. Mother Earth seems to offer some form of shelter which demons are constantly trying to transform, breakdown the barriers and defences. Ultimately achieved it seems through A.I. And Transhumanism. A War Upon the Heart, fall of man, locked out from the heavens/higher self through the Mark of the Beast within the “Utopian” Technocracy…


The Prodigy - Narayan (Subtitles)



The Three Jewels of Buddhism 

This energy of awakening symbolised via following the Buddhist trinity toward unification with self and divine awareness.


The Three Jewels of Buddhism 

the Buddha, the Dharma and the sangha

Convergence - Tripoint

“The place where three rivers meet…”

See Movie

THE ASHRAM Trailer (2018) - Sam Keeley, Melissa Leo Fantasy Thriller

A.I. Transhumanism - The “Synagogue of Satan” is about distorting and transforming these energies Body “temple” to work with lower energies/entities.

This being associated with djinn/demons. This being related to both the body and the Mother Earth Nature transformed into a “Whore of Babylon” through the seven seals of revelation. This is physically being symbolised and associated with such control/domination through King Solomon’s Temple by the playbook of this death cult and their Zionist Agenda…




Fatboy Slim - Ya Mama [Official Video]


The Three Jewels of Buddhism 

Some more Buddhism here, documentary’s where such comes up in relation to death ☠️ 


You will also find references here through the weather manipulation post as this is also about hijacking the mind as well as geoengineering…


THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW - by Constance Cumbey - chapter one






If you need some “Crazy Wisdom” you’re obviously in the right place 😆





Crazy Wisdom: The Life & Times of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche -Trailer -Shambhala

Better quality version than the one I shared previously for anyone interested in watching the whole thing.

Tibetan Rainbow Body comes into it amongst other things.





Some clear connections to all of this but perhaps the most depressing video in the list 


To search for the others here are the titles…




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Also mate for symbolic purpose and reference between this movie…



The Three Jewels of Buddhism 

This energy of awakening symbolised via following the Buddhist trinity toward unification with self and divine awareness.



THE ASHRAM Trailer (2018) - Sam Keeley, Melissa Leo Fantasy Thriller


I’m sure you will also appreciate these with all of this in mind that is…


As usual this separateness is implied/implicated as in relationships or through them, as being symbolic when what it can be implied as referring to is the divine.

And the imbalance of male and female principles and such.

Or of course the conquest of the divine through “conquering the mountain” through the likes of the Tower of Babel mentality, predator survival instincts - not higher self.

This is getting the point but missing it at the same time as it is reduced to material worth/perception, like loot 💰 


Everest - Official Movie Trailer (Universal Pictures)

It seems only the Russian gets it.





K2 / Official Trailer (1991)




The Mountain Between Us | Official HD Trailer #1 | 2017


This may help see where I’m coming from anyhow…

Technocracy is a “Gold Mine of Information” Carbon Credits and the Brink's-Mat Robbery 


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