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Sir Laurence Gardner - Genesis of the Grail Kings & Secrets of the Ancient Egyptian Alchemists


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Genesis of the Grail Kings & Secrets of the Ancient Egyptian Alchemists


Laurence Gardner (17 May 1943 – 12 August 2010) was a British author and lecturer. He wrote on religious conspiracy theory subjects such as the Jesus bloodline.




Secrets of the Ancient Egyptian Alchemists



1. Genesis of the Grail Kings



2. Genesis of the Grail Kings





Laurence Gardner


Gardner's first book Bloodline of the Holy Grail was published during 1996. The book was serialized in The Daily Mail and was a best seller. He used his books to propose several theories, including a belief that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had married and had children, whose descendants included King Arthur and the House of Stuart. In Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark he claimed that the Ark of the Covenant was a machine for manufacturing "monatomic gold" – a supposed elixir which could be used to extend life. His books also included theories about Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, the Holy Grail, and proposed connections between Atenism and Judaism.


Gardner referred to himself as "Chevalier Labhran de Saint Germain", and "Presidential Attache to the European Council of Princes" (the existence of which cannot be verified) also "Prior of the Celtic Churches Sacred Kindred of Saint Columbia". He also claimed to be Jacobite Historiographer Royal of the Royal House of Stewart. He was an endorser of Michel Roger Lafosse, in particular his claims to be descended from the House of Stuart, which Gardner claimed was descended from Jesus Christ. Historians and scholars regard him as a conspiracy theorist, and treat his work as pseudohistory. Lafosse's claims have been dismissed.


Gardner died on 12 August 2010 after a prolonged illness. His book, The Origin of God, was published in 2010 as a print on demand book from the Dash House Publishing Company, established by his widow. It is described as "a biographical exploration of the deiform character variously known as Yahweh, Allah, or simply The Lord. It seeks to uncover and evaluate his original identity...".


His final book Revelation of the Devil, a companion to The Origin of God, was published by Dash in 2012.

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The stewarts claimed a lineage to the biblical king david


I suggest that what they were really alluding to was their knights templar ancestry


The top tier of templars (the ones who could wear the white surcoats) were from aristocratic families. The eldest son would inherit the family estate intact and the second son might then join the templars where he would give his possessions to the order and be left with his horses, his sword and personal effects.


Non aristocratic templars wore the black surcoats and were equivalent to non commissioned officers within the ranks.


Those aristocratic families that were permitted to enter the templars were crypto-jewish bloodlines that passed down through their secret societies the kabbalah. IMO the templars took control of the scottish throne through assassination and intrigue.


Those aristocratic families which came into britain after the norman invasion of 1066 may have descended from priestly bloodlines who fled the temple in jerusalem ahead of its sack by rome in 70AD. There were many jewish trading posts around the mediterranean sea including marseilles in the south of france. Its possible those priests who fled went to colonies like marseilles where they were able, with their connections, to work their way up through frankish society and to intermarry with powerful frankish households which then put them within reach of the thrones of europe

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