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Golden Gate Bridge - Closing the Gates of Heaven - Kundalini Crown Chakra/“Corona” Virus 🦠 - EE33 - *Extinction Entity/*Evolution Entity 


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I have mentioned most of this before throughout several posts on here I’m sure.


I’d like to try and show a symbolic ritual taking place and that is planned to take place and why?

To the best that I can in reference to the Globalist Agenda.

Everything that is taking place in regards to this, is playing tricks upon the Subconscious Mind.
Things you already know but don’t know that you know, consciousness is being tricked through the Subconscious.


The Golden Crown 👑 represents enlightenment, this is why the royals use it, in the manner of intelligence and they know what’s best for humanity and should be guiding humanity without objection.

It was a hijacking of shamanic knowledge and truly spiritual people for these great deceivers, their knowledge base that was previously used to benefit or develop society towards this state of enlightenment and they were enshrined as the holders of this knowledge or as gatekeepers through the crown 👑  symbolically, by a society whom sought to seek this knowledge from them, as they were perceived as “holding keys to divinity” divine knowledge.

This has become inverted and lost, underground groups have sought to repeat these experience’s.

The crown now represents domination of/over peoples minds, suppression, browbeating people into their definitions of right and wrong ensuring submission to it and society doesn’t seek such a knowledge from/through these people but know that such knowledge is maintained only for a select few with title’s/entitlement’s/privileges, whilst the rest of society are kept within ignorance of this knowledge. Such is the outward illusion anyway, but they may as well be deceiving a child with an empty fist as they appear pretty stupid and evil lacking in real wisdom, their intelligence is upon deception.

The crown has from then on become a material figure depicting rulership and dominion of the most materialistic ideology of them all over the minds of all people and from or through these people, such a spell is cast upon the masses.

The spirit aspects of this are diminished and only hijacked for the sense of exploiting the mind into accepting this rulership, so the masses know these people as their gateway between where they’re, what they have and what they want with this life, again of the most materialistic kind.


Transhumanism  - 👑Was it programmed to stop before it takes my head off?”🤔

Has the establishment really changed from cutting peoples heads off within it’s “primitive” past? 🤔

As still, today the solution is, off with their heads!


Kundalini energy risen through the body, is perceived as golden energy - the sun 🌞 

Kundalini energy descending through the body, is perceived as silver energy - the moon 🌚 

This energy rises and falls in everyone - Death and Resurrection - The Phoenix 🦅 



Operation Moonshot - Is about suppressing people, keeping people within a downward state.

Spellbound - “Wetikoed”



This has “Antichrist” connotations being “the Moonchild” as opposed to “The Sun of God”.
🎹🎬 This is part of a dualistic mind game ⚽🎱


The source of one is the source of the other, one without the other can’t exist - positive and negative are part of the same game/force - and this exists based upon an understanding of certain underlying principles about human existence and our life force and then representing this through religious facets, to try an either project an understanding that society can understand or to get into the minds of people through the subconscious with meaning being implied and not consciously understood via many of these people who are influenced within such religious groups and teachings.

This collectively, working together to influence the masses, divided and ruled.


Operation Moonshot - The V - Vaccine

Keeping people within this downward state is about eliminating the rise of this energy within the body, about removing enlightenment.

The good news is, this can’t be completely eliminated.
But it can be “held” like holding something down under water.
This is what’s happening to humanity essentially through this process.
Those who are held will rise again but they otherwise have no need to be trapped if they comprehend this sooner rather than later and comprehend just what is happening here…


5G “Aura


Omnipresence: Produced when the sound (Au) is projected

The Source Of the Life Force (Ra)

Au Ra


The war on the sun via geoengineering “Climate Change” through Chemtrailing and technologies etc and the war on the body via vaccination/big pharma and again technology, is about altering the communication of this energy to maintain an artificial system which those behind this, control and so people are maintained spellbound through this use of technology without the potential of waking up and receiving cosmic knowledge through their DNA and attuning themselves to these higher frequencies, which operate through the sun.

Instead, this will be through mankind’s technology of which the moon plays a role and factor into this mass illusion/hypnosis.

This is what may end with an attempt to destroy the moon and splitting it into two as a method of removing this form of suppression and sway over humanity, as in “They Live” the destruction of a certain satellite 📡 


🦾 EE - “Extinction” Entity - “Evolution” Entity - Transhumanism = Controlled Human Evolution 🦿


The “Corona” Virus is exactly that.

It is a virus upon your crown 👑 chakra - your chakra system in general - to stop this process from being able to occur as the fear is, many people will enter into this awakened state if these psychopaths trying to control everything do nothing.

The solution for people awakening through the energy/information of the sun, is trying to maintain a technological energetic sway/tether over people through the use of the moon and more artificial, technological mechanisms.


The virus is the use of technology for the purposes of Transhumanism, altering how consciousness operates and is maintained within the body and the implementation of A.I. Into the “thought” process.

Hijacking the brain as this can no longer be called “thought” but is instead, an artificial governor of collective consciousness.



The individual and the A.I. Placing thoughts within the mind. Potentially this could occur through a Messianic figure to deceive the masses as well as, this being the case through the masses in general.


Ghost in the Shell - Shroud of Turin - The implication here is, Christs DNA/Blood is said to still exist - doesn’t matter if it’s true or false this isn’t the debate only that a very real opportunity exists here for such deception - and the creation of an artificial body via the use of Transhumanist techniques being a puppet for A.I. To communicate through and deceive the masses. Whilst, the same A.I. Will deceive the masses in exactly the same way by a constant chatter in the skull from this artificial intelligence symbolised here as, the devil.


So, the physical body is detached from it’s light body and that your light body can no longer interact with your consciousness in the same way.

It is limiting what is already only a subtle body, a subtle conscious tether for most that they can ignore or dismiss the fact this light body exists altogether.

To them, it’s like losing something they aren’t even all that sure they have already.
So what have they lost as a result of this?

The price appears worth it when you lose something you weren’t using and didn’t know you had to begin with.
If it where openly peoples sexual organs that where being removed, more people would object and be aware of the price they’re paying for this…

It does and it is being abused, reduced, and eradicated for this purposes of a few maintaining control of many.

This is an antihuman/subhuman process.



This golden energy of ascension is symbolised throughout occult practices as the rainbow - Rainbow Body.

The mind achieves an equilibrium, enlightenment throughout all the seven chakras of the body by attuning their mind to each individual frequency and rising/raising this energy until a higher conscious state is achieved/perceived.

The resonance of chakras in the body with higher states of consciousness not bound by the duality trap/game.

This can be considered a Bridge or a Gateway between worlds/planes of existence.

Closing this, is Closing the Gates of Heaven and the war upon the seven seals of revelation.


COVID was foreshadowed or forewarned this war upon the chakra system by the universal use of the 🌈 Rainbow 🌈 to depict this coronavirus 👑 pandemic.

We are being told this war is upon the human light body, the subtle body, the chakra system.

Optogentics and Quantum Dot Technology comes into this.



The collapse of the Golden Gate Bridge will also be a ritualistic and symbolic affair for the world, of depicting this war upon this bridge between worlds/awakening/enlightenment, the war upon the chakra system is to eliminate ascension, trapping what remains of mankind within a physical vessel/prison.


The only “progress” then will be down the path of Transhumanist immortality.

* Iron Man *

People will then seek death and not find it and become trapped within a technological stupa, their own coffins, as consciousness will have been reduced to almost mechanical state, a material state.


This may make sense alongside this…


The Word Made Flesh - Energy/Biophotons/Life Force/Prana - Stolen Life Force

👁 Monkey See, Monkey Do 🐒

🦿EE-33-Evolution/Extinction Entity 🪜 

🧠 Where’s Your Head At @ 🤖 



We’re all monkeys” - 12 Monkeys 


“Don't let the walls cave in on you 

We can't live on, live on without you 

You get what you give that much is true 

You turn the world away from you 

You have now found yourself trapped in the incomprehensible maze... 

Watch it!!”


A.I.🙈 🙉 🙊

* Extinction Entity or Evolution Entity *

These are essentially the same thing.
The idea is to destroy the old *extinction* to evolve the new *evolution* within this controlled human Evolution Event.

To irradiate humanity as we know it, to create transhumanist’s “human 2.0”.

The theory, you take a species towards its absolute extinction, it may actually go extinct or, it will evolve for it’s own survival by ways and means which even those who prescribe to the theory really don’t fully understand.

The idea is to intervene, manipulate and direct this “human caused/controlled” evolutionary step or you may say, it is placed within the hands of another species that isn’t human behind this antihuman agenda.
The point is though, it is being manipulated and controlled by hostile forces which doesn’t have the best interests of humanity “at heart” but exactly the opposite of this is the case and they’re seeking to eradicate the real evolution of humanity, humanity awakening so instead, humanity remains enslaved and docile at their will and whim.

So free will is destroyed!



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Evolution” - The Coming Race








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Californians are fleeing to Mexico in droves amid soaring costs of living in the golden state.







SAN FRANCISCO – Twitter has been on a recruitment drive of late, hiring a host of former feds and spies. Studying a number of employment and recruitment websites, MintPress has ascertained that the social media giant has, in recent years, recruited dozens of individuals from the national security state to work in the fields of security, trust, safety and content.





This will need clarification - if this happens it’s because it’s made to happen by design when it does!

Red Alert - Entire U.S. supply of diesel engine oil may be wiped out in 8 weeks

As if we all needed something else to add to our worries, a potentially catastrophic situation is emerging that threatens to wipe out the entire supply of diesel engine oil across the United States, leaving the country with no diesel engine oil until 2023.

According to information you'll see here, chemical manufacturers of diesel engine oil additives have declared force majeure and have ceased supply operations to the diesel engine oil manufacturers.

Without a miraculous solution, the current supply of diesel engine oil will likely be gone in 4-8 weeks. After that, unless a solution is quickly found, there will be no diesel engine oil available until some time in 2023.

All transport trucks, farm tractors, construction machinery and transport trains run on diesel engines.
A shut down of diesel engine oil would grind all transportation to a halt.

No food for grocery stores, no coal for power plants, no hardware inventory, no crops being harvested, nothing.



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Moon Goddess - Babylon Symbolism 🗽 


Daredevil 2003


San Francisco 



Projection Projection, how art thou projection?

🌞 📽



  "May I be a bridge, a boat, a ship 

For all who wish to cross the water."



Religion, Is poison ☠️?

Opiate of the Masses is the Heart to Tyrants - Mind Invaders



🐀  Rat Poison ☠️ 


Punk Rocker




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Deja Vu - Dead or Alive



"The Grateful Dead"

Paralysed man walks again after AI system connects his thoughts to his legs (msn.com)
“Neuroscientists in Switzerland have created a “wireless digital bridge” that is able to restore the lost connection between the brain and the spinal cord system.”




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The Word Made Flesh - Energy/Biophotons/Life Force/Prana - Stolen Life Force


The Virtual Revolution (all four episodes)



Pirates of Silicon Valley Documentary)
Metal Gear Archons - A.I. Technocracy - Bill Gates Brave New Virtual World The Internet - Cloud ☁️“Jesus” is the Ghost in the Machine 
Somewhere trapped under the rainbow…
Time of the Sixth Sun



The Rainbow Warriors



-California Soul- Tribute to Steam And Early Diesel of the Southern Pacific


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