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MOVIE: "The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra"

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Movie Title: The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra

Director: Larry Blamire

Released: 2004


How well do you know the periodic table? If you've never heard of 'atmosphereum' then look no further than The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra!


I re-watched it this past weekend after having not seen it in years. Although by no means a favorite of mine, I feel it's good enough to recommend.


This delightfully quirky flick is a send-up of those cheesy B pictures from the '50s. The acting in this is intentionally wooden and it's even shot in B&W for good measure.


Basically, the story is set in a forested retreat and involves three sets of characters -- a humanitarian and his doting wife; a pair of humanoid space aliens who have just landed on Earth in their clunky shuttle; and a mad albeit gentlemanly scientist accompanied by a forest animal which has been transformed into a frisky young female companion -- each in search of this elusive element.


Part sci-fi & creature feature, with an Ed Wood-like feel to it, the pic is subtly amusing and performances tongue-in-cheek.


It's a decent enough diversion that features a slow-moving, animated skeleton as one of the monsters, out to control the world.


With a dinner scene that's not to be missed.

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