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Andrew Anglin on David Icke (LOL!)


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Someone on the forum had mentioned that Andrew Anglin had been a regular poster on the old DI forum. I didn't really believe it as their views clearly don't align on so many levels to put it mildly. Not a bad thing of course, just very surprising. However, he's just admitted that he's followed DI's work for decades now, so it's pretty clear that he was. 


Anglin actually started a thread on DI's work and he's clearly experienced a lot of cognitive dissonance with regards to David's work especially his views on Christianity and of course, "viruses." Everyone has their line in the sand of course, their sacred cows so to speak, regardless of the evidence. 


Trigger warning: the predictable racial slurs and insults are present in full force in the following thread. If you dare:





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For someone who follows his work he’s been saying some very wrong things about David.

he said that David no longer says that the moon is a Death Star filled with reptilians. That’s not true. David still does but he’s just been focusing on the covid hoax lately. 

anyway he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. When the virus hoax first came out he was all about promoting masks cause Chinese do it. He has a boner over the Chinese probably due to his Asian fetish and thinks China can do no wrong. He hilariously says that China is more “free” than most countries even though China is the blueprint for these draconian measures. 

he also was confused to why world leaders were mishandling the virus hoax and only this past year has said they’re doing it on purpose to destroy the country. 

he thinks there’s no hope and everyone should just run from the cities and wait for the collapse. That movements like the truckers convoy was pointless. 

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