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Save our kids poem xx


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i wondered,
Was quite a long pause,
Found nothing,
I could rely on,
General causes,
Monumental applause's,
That really meant nothing,
But I got children..
So, (Leave them kids alone!)
I hoped for more,
I searched,
The abcs, the 123's
Hicocky docks,
Found rogue dicks in clocks,
Taking up mine and their time,
Experimenting on our babies like it was fine,
Is fine, to do so,
I wondered some more!
Learnt the reason I can share this is because i invested in rights,
I had no ideas,
The agenda for,
Hit me kinda sore,
Like reading 1984,
For the first time
We hear you.
So atleast now I can know,
I know i can do more.
© Lorelei Sings 2022
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