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whats your thoughts on 'telegram'...do you trust it? heard some bad reports


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On 1/30/2022 at 11:06 PM, masonfreeparty2 said:

i noticed the first thing people say to me when i go on protests like jeremy corbyn ones...they say 'are you on telegram'? 

I believe it's owned by Russians. Data harvesting is always the thing that will be compromised. I believe Rumble is similar. 

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I got into Telegram through the protests but started feeling uneasy about it once i stopped using phones altogether and installed it on my laptop,its permanently on with no simple 'Exit' which got my hackles raised .Theres only one reason a programme or app is designed to be in a permnent 'On' state and thats one of harvesting...I've ditched it,In fact i find it a pain in the arse to use...but the kiddies seem to enjoy it !

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There is not much on there that I have seen that isn't a mixture of truth and fantasy. The truth is generally taken from other sources apart from any one group (occasionally even off of this forum) and the fantasies are always sensational. So if I share something solid that I find on there, a person might look say 'okay that sounds reasonable, what else are this group saying?' - and within a simple scroll of a sweaty finger they are met with exclusive video footage of a shapeshifting Joe Biden turning into a fricking vampire bat.


I looked on it yesterday for the first time in months because I thought this forum was gone; being met with an error message Page Not Found on PC and Mobile. When that happens I go straight on Telegram to see if it really has gone - somebody would surely mention it somewhere because any such announcement would inevitably drive a lot of traffic to their group.


In short, it is a bollocks platform with perhaps one or two diamonds (Gareth Icke and mRNA Death Toll for instance) who do not allow others to post to their group. If Mustang Medic can still be on there a year after first surfacing on the grifter scene (600,000 posts from mainly visitors) - harvesting the attention, money and participation of deluded Patriotic Trumpthumping Biblically illiterate pretend Christians in their tens of thousands as he did on YouTube - then that is a good thing as all the lunatics are corralled into one place away from me.


In that respect, long live Telegram.



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