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CANADIAN FREEDOM CONVOY TRUCKERS PROTEST...great footage of sundays massive gathering


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Just finished watching Icke's latest videocast ("Cult-Owned, Schwab-Owned, Fascist Canada - And The Battle For Freedom"), and speaking as a Canadian, I am so grateful for this. The world needs to know what's been going on in Canada and how our liberty is at stake now more than at any other time in (recent) history.


The key word to be taken from this videocast, what Icke discusses: inversion.


Another word for that might be 'Newspeak.' The bullies and baddies have control of the megaphone so to speak, with all the peace-loving, truth-telling voices in the wilderness, those crying out for freedom in the proverbial wilderness, being twistedly and voluminously portrayed by the evil 'Ministers of Truth' as the bad apples. The question is, will the rest of the free world believe the crafty, deeply entrenched, Machiavellian establishment spin or listen to their own God-given heart of hearts and side with humanity? For these peaceful, law-abiding, freedom-defending truckers also represent all of you outside of Canada who choose humanity over the dark forces operating in the shadows here on Earth, who are now beginning to reveal themselves in the open.


This is no longer about politics. This isn't about left versus right. This is, at its core, a spiritual issue. This is about good versus evil. Humanity versus the overt and crypto- transhumanists.


Had to laugh when Icke mentioned the irony of Canada's Finance Minister's surname. She reminds me of that well-known saying about when fascism arrives it will not come wearing jackboots but knickers, or something to that effect. Her glib, nicey-nicey, prim-and-precise manner of speaking (one masking an authoritarian underneath) makes my skin crawl.


Icke also goes into, in this extremely important videocast, the HYPOCRICY of those who supported the BLM riots but who are now coming down hard on peaceful protestors, all for their holding a different view than theirs.


I can't express enough how appreciative I am for this videocast and hope that all freedom-loving Canadians see this and feel the same gratitude that I do for Icke putting this together.


I love you David Icke. You are a man of God. 


To all those who read their Bibles and think they are of God simply for doing so but who do not speak out against evil (as Icke does here) when it is staring your brothers and sisters of the human family in the face, your own holy book condemns you. 

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All these protesters and supporters wanted was to be left alone to their own freedom and bodily autonomy. That's all. So simple. But no. The civil liberties' violators in power want to stick it to them too -- these truckers who work all alone in cabs. (How's that for scientific reason?) As if that weren't enough, now they are being punished in dictatorial style when a simple end to the vaccine mandate would have solved the problem, without the need for all this elitist mediagenic melodrama. No, couldn't have had that. The peacock wanted to proudly display his feathers for the world to see. And notice they have. Indeed, outside of the ruling party's little echo chamber of mentally twisted think-a-likes, it's been refreshing to see many a sane and freedom-loving, outspoken high-profile figure, be it in business, entertainment, or media, alongside other famous people, denouncing this Liberal Party and sometimes in aptly un-PC terms. In the court of public opinion, there is a sense of divine justice after all! I was reading the other day about this SOB's father, Pierre, and how he loved the idea of government as rule from the top-down, and even used the terms 'Cuban' and 'Chinese' to define the very kind of socialism he most preferred. One can only wonder what the thousands of Canadians who died fighting in WW2 in defense of 'National Will' (as opposed to 'General Will') democracy must think were they alive today to witness what this turd off the old ass is doing to the country. With regard to the freezing of bank accounts, however draconian this is, Canadians can at least be thankful that the PM has said nothing (so far, anyway) about the government need for guillotines in public squares. Was listening to a program earlier today about how the Trudeau Liberals gave millions of dollars to a guy by the name of Omar Khadr. Then there's Justin Trudeau's past support of BLM, known for their riots. Fast-forward to the present, and if you're not on the same page as his far-left ideologies, you're devilishly branded a Wall Street occupier, I mean, a 'far-right extremist.' What a contemptible dynast this blockhead is.

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Breaking news: Rebel News, one of the few independent media outlets left in Canada, has reported that one of their reporters, Alexa Lavoie, has been attacked by police thugs, involving a stick and tear gas, simply for performing her duties as a journalist. It is believed Lavoie was singled out by cops in response to her having put to Justin Trudeau a tough question during last year's election debates in Canada.

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If I could vote for Jonathan Emord as Prime Minister of Canada I would but unfortunately that is an impossibility. For starters, he's not even a Canadian. He's a U.S. constitutional lawyer and a sagacious, level-headed one at that. I highly recommend listening to what he has to say with regard to this Freedom Convoy, in the conversation he had this past Sunday on Richard Syrett's The Conspiracy Show. What a delight it was to hear some refreshing rationality for a change, and from the perspective of a lawyer looking in on this from the States. Emord is so cogent here that practically every second or third well-stated sentence of his is a quotable gem. This is the type of man and mind I side with and whom I wish all Canadians did as well. Fantastically, disturbingly, you have Canadians who would rather live under increasing totalitarian socialism, as displayed by their vocal (and sometimes outright hateful) counter-protests and utter contempt for freedom. This to me is the true virus that ought to be feared by every liberty- and peace-loving Canadian -- this insidious and imported psychic contagion sweeping across North America. Emord is spot-on when he talks about the myth of 'collective rights' and how sovereignty of the individual ultimately leads to the true 'greater good' of all humanity. The footage of police brutality in Ottawa ought to remind anyone familiar with their history of Tiananmen Square. At that time Chinese citizens lived during a period called the 'Great Leap Forward.' Today, Canadian citizens, and the rest of the world, live at a time that has certain elites talking of "The Great Reset." (Any coincidence?) I heard a guy in the news comment how Trudeau ought to resign as PM and move to Davos, where he would feel more at home, which would leave the rest of Canadians to their age-long and cherished values and freedoms, and that if he has a graven image of Klaus Schwab that he daily bows to, that he should certainly bring this along with him as well. Emord in this interview sounded as if he was channeling the divine when he said how freedom is our birthright and it comes from God; that civil liberties are pre-political. Amen, brother.


P.S. I love you, too, Richard Syrett, my fellow compatriot.

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It's been great to see in recent days a few federal Conservatives finally starting to awaken, with their hitherto uncharacteristic condemnations directed at the PM in his presence and their verbal rallying to the side of the protesters and indeed each and every Canadian who has had enough of Trudeau's shit these past two years. This is especially encouraging to see. Some of these Conservatives were especially aroused after Trudeau allegedly accused a Jewish member of Parliament of being a Nazi sympathizer -- a lady whose immediate ancestors were persecuted by the Nazis. It makes you wonder whether behind that politically correct persona of Trudeau's if there's more than just a hint of antisemitism? With Ottawa in recent days resembling a police state, the PM is certainly beginning to seem more and more like a Putin or an Obama. Both Trudeau and the contemptible leader of the NDP ought not to be in politics; especially the latter leftist who reminds me of those materialistic, soulless goons who run Saudi Arabia. Kingpins have more depth to them than these two cardboard cutouts totally lacking in substance, actors in suits who don't represent the common three-dimensional civilian, hard-working peasants so far far removed from these shallow nonproducers, these rhetoric-spouting empty shells, who appear only in it for the fancy clothes, high-priced cars, bling, the jetting around the world to their retreats, and in the case of Trudeau getting to hang out with questionable Hollywood types and globalist rock stars. Trudeau is a spoiled, pampered man-child completely cut off from the real world, who got elected not so much for his possessing any real leadership skills but due in large part to the fact he's considered by many a Canuck a good-looking guy with nice hair. Pathetic, isn't it? That's how pitifully superficial a lot of Canadian voters are. One can only hope come next federal election that Canadians -- both men and women -- put away their vibrators and re-learn to vote with their heads. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have had their bank accounts frozen, including reports of little old grannies among the victims. Justin Trudeau is one helluva heartless bastard and control freak who is no doubt taking great pleasure in wanting to ruin these people's lives (as he has countless other Canadians' these past two years). Hopefully it doesn't come to this and that freedom-loving groups like the Canadian Civil Liberties Association can do something about it.

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