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CANADIAN FREEDOM CONVOY TRUCKERS PROTEST...great footage of sundays massive gathering


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The fact that it's ordinary people behind the Freedom Convoy, rather than professional activists and intelligence infiltrators, has caused alarm among the ruling class

In the two weeks since the Freedom Convoy of Canadian truckers and their supporters began rallying in Ottawa to demand an end to all pandemic-related mandates and restrictions nationwide, it has become clear that this movement isn't like other protest movements. And that's a scary proposition for those in charge who thought that they'd manage and exploit this crisis on their own sweet time and schedule regardless of the actual science and reality on the ground

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 A few links for Dr. David Martin vids


This first one is about 29 mins (from around 24th Jan 2022)

Dr. David Martin: Exposing The Coup D'Etat & The Plot to Steal America! - Must Video | Opinion - Conservative | Before It's News (beforeitsnews.com)


This second one is shorter - about 11 mins (Nov 2021)

JustinTrudeau needs to be arrested. Proof right here! (rumble.com)


AND THE LATEST UPDATE from Dr. DAVID MARTIN - about 23 mins  and on FRIDAY 11th Feb 2022 - yes on You-tube (at the moment!). 


So DO WATCH and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE - He presents FACTS in a very ARTICULATE and meaningful manner.



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