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Why Don't Alien Races Visit Earth Openly?


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4 hours ago, BeeThrive said:

Have you ever looked at a clear starry night and seen bright ball ‘ufo’s ‘pop’ into 3-D physical reality from the astral frequency?


Er, nope ...


But then I may be in a different universe than you.







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3 hours ago, webtrekker said:


Er, nope ...


But then I may be in a different universe than you.








They’ve been seen with other observers, with myself, so i dont think theyre too obscure.
 It’s not regularly they’re witnessed, but it really helps if you’re star-gazing from a rural place where it’s pitch black at night, and all that can be seen are the stars.
A calm centred peaceful state while star-gazing is useful, rather than a hurried quick gazing session. I have animals outside i tend to every night so get more opportunity than most to star-gaze while waiting for water troughs to fill etc. The starscape on the blackest clearest night is truly a wonderful sight.

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On 1/27/2023 at 4:18 PM, BeeThrive said:

Mankind may not be be so mind-expansive to have achieved worm-hole travel, but the history of philosophy, wisdom and knowledge amassed that’s survived over the ages regarding reasons for conscious existence, to answer the definitive question of all existence: why?,  is not worth trading for ‘ intergalactic tech knowledge’ from ANY being.


Would you trade a diamond for a handful of dirt? 

I guess that all depends on whats in the dirt

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4 hours ago, TheConsultant said:

I believe the fallen angels were and are the elite bloodlines of today rather than being otherworldly beings?


IMO - They are of the decedent's of Cain having the Serpent's DNA. Where else could their rare blood type have come from ? 

I also believe this is why certain Kids go missing to obtain their blood, but Madonna decided to adopt her African kids.

David Icke is right. 

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