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14 hours ago, Basket Case said:

ln 4.6 billion year....l'm sure ancient civilizations have come and gone many many times, over and over, through the very distant past to the not so distant past.
lf you knew that civilizations crumbled and returned.......how would you send a message to your future selves about this ?
In stone......and BIG.
Freemasons / knowledge holders will always emerge l'd guess.
They can't hide everything, can they...?


They have already done this in this age through Hieroglyphics in stone, before the great flood;


The children of Lamech additionally were credited with preserving the Corrupted Sciences on two pillars designed to survive the deluge so that numinous religions could be transmitted via hieroglyphics to the postdiluvian world to corrupt that age.
The children of Lamech were very successful in transmitting those heretical doctrines of corruption to the postdiluvian world.



These have been past down throughout the ages through first, 'Nimrod' and then eventually onto the Masons of today.

So you can see where the corruption of the world comes from even today.

It is stuff they just don't want you to know about but eventually everything comes to light.






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I don't believe the earth is flat or a globe. I don't claim to know what it is, I'm just getting that way that if I can't see it for myself, it'll be a lie. Jeez, at this point in time, you can't even believe what you see, hear, taste, smell or touch. The whole five senses fucked over. Then there's that intuition/gut feeling....totally fucked over too. Everything is interfered with by cunts!



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On the subject of hidden mathematics, or should that be the inversion of  maths , I found this interview with Marty Leeds - a genuine expert in the field to be very revealing.


For anyone who believes that numbers such as 33 and 666 are satanic, then as per usual, invert that.



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On 2/1/2022 at 4:56 PM, bamboozooka said:

i read somewhere about pythagoras's theory cannot work around a globe.

its always out.

it can only be used flat.


a little search later

The triangle formed by the line from the Greenwich Observatory outside of London due south to the equator, west along the equator to the center of the Zerão stadium in Brazil, and then back to Greenwich Observatory is a right triangle, due to the angle between the Greenwich Meridian and the equator being a right angle.

But the distance along one leg of the triangle, from Greenwich to the equator, is about 5724 km, the distance along the other leg of the triangle, along the equator, is about 5678 km, and the distance from the stadium to Greenwich is 7445 km, which is less than the Pythagorean prediction of 8062 km.

So how can this be, if Pythagoras was correct?

Pythagoras, and thus his theorem, makes the assumption that you are working in a flat plane, and not (as in my counter example) on the surface of a sphere or any other curved surface.

Within the context of a flat plane, the Pythagorean theorem hold, and it is impossible to prove it wrong.


Yeah. The Pythagoras Theorem only works in flat planes. In Spherical Trigonometry the sides of a triangle lie on Great Circles and the interior angles can add up to more than 180°.


As a sidenote, many moons ago I was writing a program for my ZX81 computer that I was going to use for tracking artificial satellites so that I could observe them. My prog used Spherical Trig extensively and I first tested it out on some local power station chimneys which, although miles away, I could see clearly from my home. I noted the exact time and date the Moon was above the chimneys. On another night, a few miles from home,  I observed a star (I forget which one) directly above the chimneys and again noted the time and date.


Using The RA (Right Ascension) and Declination of these objects, derived from an almanac for the given times and dates, I was able to produce two Azimuth lines (essentially, compass bearings) that I could plot on an OS Landranger Map.


Lo and behold! ............... the plotted lines crossed EXACTLY on the location of the power station chimneys, proving that the method and my calculations were exact!


I repeated this on numerous other objects (buildings, a water tower, etc) using data for the positions of different Stellar objects and the results were always exact.


Because of this, I find it difficult to follow explanations for a Flat Earth, no matter how hard I try.




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