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I Found a "Face Cover" Which Does NOT Restrict My Breathing--Should I Use?


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It's been an unusually mild winter with plenty of sun all day most days.


I bought several sun hats with multiple brim sizes. Each of the hats includes a clip-on face cover and neck cover for complete sun protection. The face cover for the small brimmed hat is a little bit restrictive. However, the face cover for the wide brimmed hat doesn't restrict my breathing at all. I could wear it comfortably all day.


I suppose there is a slight risk of breathing in cloth fibers, but the fit is not restrictive. I'm tempted to test this at not one, but several stores. I had a Karen go nutso when I wore a face shield once in a store once, so there are no guarantees. 

I've never worn a mask indoors during this entire scam, although I have used a face shield on a few occasions in an ahem, artful way. 


I have mixed feelings about this obviously. I think it would be fun as a lark and experiment for one. But, I don't want to compromise my principles either. I don't want to behave any differently than I would otherwise, although that has led to multiple confrontations in the past nearly two years. 


During that time I have never once seen a single other person stand their ground without a face mask, aside from myself of course. Interested in your thoughts and practices on this matter. 

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I called several of the stores I was/am interested in visiting. To my surprise, several of the stores immediately stated that I was welcome to shop or visit no problem!


A few others said I would not be served, using words like "mandatory" or "required" or even "law" but I called all of them on their bluff. They said I would not be served regardless. 

A bit of a mixed bag, but there's no realistic way of shopping at every store so this was a nice way of separating out the wheat from the chaff...

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