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Liberals Are NOT Bad People!


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We've all seen/heard/witnessed/experienced the horror stories to one degree or another. Crazy, deranged Karens threatening to kill people who oppose fake vaccinations. The freakouts, the blue hair, BLM protests swamped with women, etc. 


There is little doubt that at the extremes, you will find some very strange people, regardless of ideological stripe. The more liberals I encounter however, the more I doubt the claim that garden variety liberals and even those who identify as "communists" are bad people


I recently visited a major college town and my interactions with the people there reminded me of just how kind liberals can be. This college town is further left than most leftist college towns, if you can imagine that. Without going into a lot of detail it has a storied history of protest, insurrection, social experimentation, etc. 


I had a number of brief, but polite exchanges with a number of the people there. Plenty of eye contact, a few random smiles, and some casual friendly chit chat. This was completely unlike my experiences recently in a suburban community where 95 to 99% of the residents are colder than ice, at best. 


I left feeling exhilarated. This is despite the fact that this particular town has been hit exceptionally hard by just about every facet of the wide ranging, deranged fake corona agenda. There are STILL "x"es designating social distancing spacing on multiple streets. There are masking signs on EVERY SINGLE BUILDING. Even the student organization tables were distanced. Add to that, this college town is in a busy urban center and there was litter, disposable masks and graffiti everywhere. 


So why such a positive vibe? Most all of my experiences, especially with younger adult liberals, is that they are good people trying to lead lives of integrity. They want to be kind, tolerant, and accepting towards most everyone. To a large extent, they show strong disdain for social hierarchies and want to treat all individuals and groups with dignity. 


So where did it all go wrong? To put it very simply, they are led through a brainwashing/propaganda tunnel from beginning to end. THEY DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER AND HAVE NO OTHER LENS WITH WHICH TO VIEW THE WORLD.  To blame liberals for their world view is like blaming fish for swimming. 


These young adults have been inundated with liberal propaganda through every form of media and education from birth. It's so ironic that they try to be so hard to be accepting, tolerant and kind and yet these very noble intentions and goals are perverted to destroy them:


-introducing homosexuality/lgbtq, pedophilia and paraphilia of all forms to destroy their will to form families and have children. 


-villifying men


-inundating western countries with 3rd world immigrants who have no capability of functioning, must less competing effectively in modern cultures


-exploiting their desire for safety and long lives by constantly threatening them with death and illness through fake corona propaganda.


-weaponizing the homeless to make just about every city so that they become unliveable.


I have never seen a generation work so hard to be good people and yet have their intentions turned against them so ruthlessly. I want to help them but don't know how....


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15 hours ago, jjjamson said:

So where did it all go wrong? To put it very simply, they are led through a brainwashing/propaganda tunnel from beginning to end.


That's very true. Many of them are also young and have not constructed a life yet for themselves and therefore have no real stake in society yet. People who have nothing feel like they can play fast and loose with society because they have nothing to lose! People who have invested in life be it in creating a family or creating a business or making a home will by necessity be more cautious because they want stability to protect the things they have built. So a lot of people grow out of their more radical phase and that is probably why the democrats push to lower the voting age


The other problem we have is that many people don't realise that what is called the 'left' these days is really full blown marxism hiding behind a mask of democracy:


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