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Two great movies with interesting scenes.

Two great Hitchcock  movies that have been on pay tv : 'The Birds and Dial M for M.' 

Did you notice how the great Ray Milland keeps drinking throughout  and how the rows of bottles seem to get

more in the scenes as the movie progresses. The alc is  a narcotic drug in large doses and the medical researches

warn that narcotics make a person over optimistic and narsty. 

In 'The Birds' there are alot of bottles in The Tides restaurant bar and one of the bottles looks like a magnum.

Is there anything in those scenes about drinking too much leading to trouble.

Why do I think that J. Eps. is a vampire who deliberately entrapped the two Brits in the news about it?

(His mates -prison guards and a Doctor - got him out of the prison by saying that he had  committed suicide)

Firstly - it is difficult to get rich on Wall Street without getting info from other vamps about the exact price and time

when the market is going to be shorted.

Second there were many cameras around his house. Why would a crim want cameras around? Surely he

would want to keep his vile activities secret as poss? Vamps trap the rich - destroying them is something demons do.

What about the film Double Indemnity'?. Another superb movie. Babs trapped the Insurance salesman and her husband.

Was she a vamp in this story. I reckon.





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