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That which has most negatively affected the Canadian economy (small businesses, specifically) has been the government-imposed lockdowns these past two years, and here the ruling party has the chutzpah to blame a bunch of freedom-loving, peaceful protesters for bringing the economy to a halt over the course of a single weekend. Rather than meeting with these protesters as any mature, humble, great leader would have, instead they went ignored, were preposterously denounced as agitators/revolutionaries, and a draconian Emergencies Act introduced -- a fascist response if there ever was one. (What next, internment/extermination camps for democratic dissenters?) These are dark times for Canada, a nation much in need of prayers from the international community at this time. There are those in high positions within the ruling party with ties to the World Economic Forum. How can anyone possibly call those who feel Canada becoming increasingly unfree conspiracy theorists? What is happening is very real. Reportedly, Trudeau's party is now looking to seize/freeze the bank accounts of Canadians who supported these peaceful protesters, providing them with money to cover the cost of fuel and food. A response, truly intolerant and extremist, but then as of this post a Canadian pastor languishes in solitary confinement, all for his love of the Canadian Charter, as well.

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2 talking heads think trudeau is a hitler


Tesla boss Elon Musk has been slammed for posting a meme that compared Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Adolf Hitler.



its going mainstream


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4 minutes ago, SimonTV said:


Just like they can replace Trudeau, or Gates, of Fauci if they got taken out of the equation, we have to remember that they simply dont have the numbers that we do.


Its time for someone else to step up to the plate.  Eventually their prisons and courts and all their nonsense will be so congested that they won't  know what the hell to do.


They are the criminals not us.


And they are the vast minority.

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