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Why the Corona Scam is Doomed to Failure


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I know there is a lot of skepticism about our ability to fight back and resist the tyranny we see all around us. However, if we think logically about this, I don't see how this plot could actually succeed, for many very obvious reasons:


1. those who support the agenda most ardently are likely the ones who are going to be severely injured or even meet an untimely demise. Those who are attempting to foist the corona agenda on us are too stupid to figure out that they are killing and maiming their own support base!


2. among those injured, a significant percentage will begin to resist as will their friends and family. Many of the most loyal supporters of the scam are bound to jump ship at some point.


3. those who resist and don't get the fake vaccines or even wear masks are clearly the most intelligent, independent minded and resilient of all peoples. We will serve as the voice of leadership for the huge numbers in camp 2 who see the light sooner or later. 


4. the corona scam is far too broad scale to implement fully, or even partially without complete societal collapse everywhere. Less than 2 years in, there are huge numbers of workers who are dropping out of the workforce. All of these elon musk fantasies about flying to mars and then building space colonies is a total pipe dream. That dipshit can't even supply toilet paper and spaghetti-o's reliably in the United States! Yet he intends to build rocket ship commuters to multiple planets in outer space?!?


This is not like the TSA which is limited to airports (and to some limited extent elsewhere). This is supposed to swallow up all people in all countries. This requires the consent of many billions of people


Here in the USA, I believe only 9 of the 50 states have mask mandates (all illegal) but even there, there is vocal opposition and lots of pushback. Take something as mundane as sporting events. In cities and states with "indoor mask mandates" I regularly see non-compliance at rates of at least 90%. Yes, there are cities where a majority or most spectators do wear masks where it is "required" but there are still endless of near complete non compliance even in cities with the "strictest" "mandates."


Add to that, how many of those supposedly fake vaxxed are actually vaxxed? I bet it's likely only the elderly who are complying in large numbers. Younger adults are almost certainly ponying up a few shekkels for fake non vaxx cards. If/when digital vaxx passes are used, it probably won't be long before a hack is implemented as a workaround. 


There are lots of fearmongers and controlled opposition like alex jones and andrew anglin who are constantly trying to terrify us with the worst possible outcome. Don't believe them. The planned system is already facing huge opposition, especially with mass protests throughout Europe. 


Hang on, guys, the corona (insert appropriate expletive here) are having a very difficult go of it as we speak. There will certainly be territories that are permanently engulfed by this insanity, but the vast majority will not stand for it. 


Under times of duress it's easy to overstate or understate the problem, but in the US and Europe, there is little data that suggests anything other than massive opposition to continuation of these policies by the overwhelming majority. Even among those who "comply" they will continue to troll the system with various workarounds any paper or digital requirements. 


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Great post and a most positive analysis. However, since a vast reduction in the population is in the pipeline, death and injury are of no consequence to the ‘elite’ and never have been, while complete societal collapse may be part of the plan.


“We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists and we shall provoke a great social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to all nations the effect of absolute atheism; the origins of savagery and of most bloody turmoil.” - Albert Pike.


We are ruled by a psychopathic cult who have been inbreeding insanity for generations. Their agenda is utter madness and we cannot comprehend their depravity or lust for power, because we are sane, empathetic, normal human beings.


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That is an excellent point. To impute rationality, even sanity, upon those who cannot comprehend limits is a serious mistake. Jo Atwill, in an interview for Caesar's Messiah, recounted a story of a Roman emporer (Titus?) who forced his slaves to declare him a god while he set rows of other slaves on fire screaming in agony. This is the type of open display of power they crave once again.


However, their insanity is clearly working to our advantage, at least to those of us who can discern the situation clearly, which is a very, very large percentage. As David Icke classifies them, they are proto-renegade minds, in the making. The more openly they display their proclivities, the greater the pushback. Even those who can't will eventually tire of the endless restrictions. 


Mass protests are being organized on the regular throughout Europe and Australia. Few such protests in the states, but as I pointed out earlier, only a relatively small percentage of states in the US are attempting mandates. 


The elites/low-lites are an incredibly bizarre group and more difficult to categorize than some might gather. There are those who are basically go-fers, front-men and fall guys, like Biden, the Clintons, Trump, who are useful because they are so degenerate. They will go along with any agenda as long as their vices are fulfilled to some degree. 


Then there is the self styled technocratic elite: Bezos, Musk, Cook who envision or at least help to build projects enabling a tiny few to eventually colonize outer space. 


Third are the military-technocratic elite who are attempting to usher in an era of chip implanted cyborgs all plugged into a mainframe control grid. 


There is far more to this, but that's a brief glimpse into the most easily documentable aspects of the psychopathic power structure, with far more that's much more challenging to document properly: off-worlders, greys, reptilians, underground genetic hybrid experimentation, etc. 

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As I predicted a few weeks ago, there has been huge pushback, protests everywhere, and restrictions are all being rolled back. Plans for "vaxx passports" are being shelved, as are "requirements" for any fake vaxxes. 


People have had enough. Expect even more opposition as we enter into spring and summer and fall. There may very well be a boot stomping on a face: the question is on whose?

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More of what I predicted documented below.


Even the bluest of the blue states are rolling back almost all fake requirements. The off world controllers under-estimated the enormity of what they were attempting to undertake and are reassessing after severe backlash and some calculated realization that they were about to destroy the body they have been parasiting on so successfully since time immemorial.


Its impossible for such a tiny few to successfully police 8 billion people. 


Fake vaxx passports, endless fake vaxx "requirements," are all off the table, so it's unlikely they are pivoting in the direction of endless vaxxing. 




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WHO taps Deutsche Telekom to build global Covid-19 app

23 February 2022 | Natalie Bannerman

The World Health Organization (WHO) has partnered Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems to build a global vaccination validation application.

The collaboration will see WHO and T-Systems work to enable WHO member states introduce digital vaccination certificates and develop vaccination validation services.

The gateway that the two will collaborate on will enable QR codes on electronic vaccination certificates to be checked across national borders, and once operational will serve as the standard for other vaccinations such as polio or yellow fever.

"Covid-19 affects everyone. Countries will therefore only emerge from the pandemic together. Vaccination certificates that are tamper-proof and digitally verifiable build trust," said Garrett Mehl, unit head for department of digital health and innovation at WHO.

"WHO is therefore supporting member states in building national and regional trust networks and verification technology. The WHO's gateway service also serves as a bridge between regional systems. It can also be used as part of future vaccination campaigns and home-based records."

As part of the partnership, WHO and T-Systems will focus on transparency and data protection when building the gateway.

Specially, the work on the software and program codes will be opensource and publicly listed on the developer platform, Github. In addition, the gateway will be compliant with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The gateway will also interact with WHO's existing system which is also open source and complete with appropriate copyright licenses. The project will also feature a common security audit with penetration tests enabling regional and national setups to be easily implemented.

"Corona has a grip on the world. Digitization keeps the world running," said Adel Al-Saleh, member of the Deutsche Telekom AG board of management and CEO of T-Systems.

"Digital vaccination certificates like the EU's are key to this. We are pleased to be able to support the WHO in the fight against the pandemic. Health is a strategic growth area for T-Systems. Winning this contract underscores our commitment to the industry."

The collaboration follows T-Systems' work on the EU gateway for vaccination certificates (DCC, Digital Covid Certificate) which is used across more than 60 countries. The company also setup the European Federation Gateway Service (EFGS) that enables EU member states' Covid tracking apps work across borders, as well as the German government's Corona warning app.



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