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David Icke: Any Ties (Past Or Present) To The New Age?

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What initially drew me to David Icke's work was his vast knowledge as a researcher, primarily out to expose the conspiratorial Cabal. To this day, it is what keeps me following what he has to say with regard to this. I have never been all that interested in the more extramundane aspects of his message -- talk of chakras, creating one's own reality, and such -- as to me all this borders too much on (imported) eastern mysticism/New Thought philosophy; the latter of which I totally dismiss.


My introduction to Icke in printed form was The Biggest Secret, in which is made the following remark of how cringe-inducing the term Master is for the author.


Enter Rakorski (a.k.a. Rakoczi). This figure is believed to have been an Ascended Master, according to some occultists and the work of Alice Bailey.


It's been said that this supposed Master Rakorski was in contact (on a psychic level) with Mr. Icke during his earlier days as a writer/lecturer, influencing some if not much of what was written in Icke's first two books: Truth Vibrations and Love Changes Everything. I have not read these nor do I care to. It seems to me that Icke has since moved on from this so-called 'turquoise period' although I do wonder whether he is or thinks he is still in communication with this being or any other inspirational force?


In the film Renegade, Icke speaks of his experience meeting Betty Shine back in the early '90s and of some type of nonhuman intelligence or guiding force that entered his life at this time, that was said would always be with him.


In my researching this figure Rakorski, I came across the following three articles, which can be found by doing a simple online search:


1. "Theosophical Sources of David Icke's Reptilian Theory" by David Livingstone

2. "Ask The Nuwaupians, Was David Icke One Of The Masters Who Guided The Pen Of Malachi York?" by Chuck Morgan

3. "David Icke and the New Age" by Tigger


I personally don't know exactly what to make of all that is presented in these blogs/articles and would like to know what other 'Ickettes' on this board think of some of the stuff that's mentioned in these three pieces.


Some questions which these articles consider are:

- Are Reptilians linked to Theosophy?

- Does Icke still receive special insights from St. Germain (and has he ever)?

- The rainbow is a significant symbol within the New Age Movement. What to make of the magazine Rainbow Ark?

- Was Icke ever an admirer of Alice Bailey?

- Has Icke ever had anything to do with the Theosophical Society?


Arizona Wilder is also mentioned in two of these three articles, which is quite interesting.


I do know that by the time The Biggest Secret came along, it was as if Mr. Icke was beginning to remove himself from some if not a lot of what he earlier had been saying, in now cautioning readers to be wary of so-called Masters and channeled information which can be a form of mind control. This has not prevented some critics of Icke to continue referring to comments made in Icke's first two 'New Agey' books as somehow reflecting what he thinks thirty-plus removed from this period.


Then there's Chris White with his 'davidickedebunked' material, which also takes to emphasizing Icke's earlier works, even after all this time.


And still there are others who are critical of Icke for his participation in the movie Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?, which these critics say has ties to New Age pioneer/globalist Barbara Marx Hubbard.


As I stated at the outset, I could care less about what Icke has to say outside of his knowledge as a conspiracy researcher. Whether he receives downloaded insights from some cosmic information field or not doesn't concern me, although it would be interesting to know what the answer to this is. Anyone who has followed Mr. Icke's work since the publication of The Biggest Secret will know that he has repeatedly spoken out against (Luciferian) secret societies, the occult, the New Age, and the New World Order.


Ah, yes, the New World Order. Enter some of his (Christian) critics, who offer a spin on the Hegelian Dialectic. Maybe, these ones say, the desired/intended solution of the ruling elite is not a dystopian global police state (this would be the reaction phase) as Icke and others have been warning about but rather its very opposite: namely, a coming 'enlightened' Age of Aquarius, one of spiritual evolution & consciousness expansion ... and with it a New Age/Interfaith Antichrist?

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23 hours ago, Hegel Schmegel said:


Whether he receives downloaded insights from some cosmic information field or not doesn't concern me, although it would be interesting to know what the answer to this is. 


Maybe I can shed some light on this question. A human being receives limited information in order to understand something. There are other ways that are far more direct, but he doesn't go that path. What was given as a starting point was the concept of a holographic reality. Often it is about taking a single step into new possibilities that are now beginning to open up. It is certainly not responsible for the rest. It does not interfere with what are purely human concepts. Humans have to find out most things on their own, including where they were wrong. I hope that I have not offended anyone by saying this..

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On 1/22/2022 at 3:35 PM, Hegel Schmegel said:

- Are Reptilians linked to Theosophy?


I don't know the answer to that but i think that some people when they have been in an altered state of consciousness have described seeing certain entities for example terence mckenna famously spoke about 'self replicating machine elves' which he described as being like balls of bouncing light


Other people have described seeing insect-like beings and some have described seeing reptilian type beings


If you think about it people have long described such strange encounters with different entities except in the past they were called 'fairies' and now they get called things like 'extra-terrestrials' etc

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Foster Gamble's and the New Age movement's desire for free energy technology sounds reasonable but who will control it? Whoever controls energy, controls the world, some say. 


Energy has been proposed as the basis of a world currency.


Crystals and mind control technology all link to the Ruling Elite's plans to hook us up to the etheric field (or some underlying energy field). 



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