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Another video spreading the truth that 'CV19' does not exist, this needs to be further publicised. This is the cannon ball that will end the war.   Ten countries have taken their Health Minister to court (a people-action)  to show evidence for this 'virus - NONE have been able to do so.   I recall early last year, in Ireland, after dedicated pressure from a lady, the health dept issued her a headed letter stating that they could not confirm that CV19 existed.  


This will surely form the basis of major legal actions - Reiner Fuellmich in Germany based on the PCR test and Anna De Buisseret in the High Court, London based on crimes against humanity, to name just two.     The approaching legal storm may be the reason for the apparent back-stepping that we now see the UK perps doing.   


 It is necessary to stop the continuing spreading of a lie by referring to 'Covid' - such as people on forums using the term to describe various types of current influenza and other respiratory infections.  Some are doing it in ignorance and of course some are fear-planting deliberately.   Maybe a few are bragging about it !!    A deeply hypnotised person does not question how they know they have 'CV', as all influenzas create the same range of possible symptoms. 



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