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voices are like phishing e-mails by there methodology


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I noticed over the last few months during lockdown that my 'voices' not only mimic a broadcast or a very sly and clever form of covert harassment but essentially their behavior could be compared to a Phishing e-mail, whereby you unwitting respond to them, (Voices) and spoon feed them information, they meaning the Voices, can't tell if that data is real or fiction though they collectively form an assumption that because it's in your head, meaning the thought then it must be some actual factual data.

I've noticed the tactic known as Phishing being noticed by me during the observation of theses 'voices' I just wondered if anybody has had any experiences or has made any clear observations with regards to this.

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2 hours ago, Truthspoon said:

It's all about concentrating upon nothing. It's like a mental force field that gets stronger the more you do it.

THX for your help but this isn't always practical, imagine using Yoga against a Twitter storm it's not always going to work, that's why victims end up on drugs, meds,or spend years inside services. I've been thinking more on the lines of a TSCM or WBAN exam. 

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Never said it would be a quick fix.


It'll take time. But you won't know unless you try it....every day, half an hour for two weeks. 


Then you can dismiss it if there's no improvement.


Worked for me when I was invaded by the astral realm.

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On 1/18/2022 at 8:23 AM, Truthspoon said:

Maybe the voices are telling you it won't work....they mean to protect their territory.

Thanks you for your positive input, it maybe sometime that will take a bit of practice would you have any books upon the topic to recommend to me .


Take care. 

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