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We will follow the science and data……..


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At the beginning of all this bullshittery I noticed and thought it strange how Boris, Wancock and the others were ALWAYS using the words ‘we will always follow the science and data advice’ (or words to that effect). I actually questioned at the time why they all did, why were they always using the exact wording as each other? I know these people are not the brightest bulbs in the pack, but maybe, just maybe they were bright enough to use the words they did as a get out of jail card should things go tits up?

I truly believe we have now slowly turned the tide on this bull shit and with more hard work, non compliance, protests and pushback, things will slowly start going our way. Ok there is a lot more bull shit up ahead but we will eventually get past it and win this.

Did Boris, Wancock etc have the brains, or were they advised to use the words they did so that if they end up in a court of law (IF), they can turn around and say “we followed the science and said we would from day one.” Don’t blame us blame them…..

Might work for Boris and others but Wancock might have a problem with explaining the ordering and use of Midazolam. 
Let’s only hope this does get into the courts and Boris etc etc are held accountable for their parts played. This must not be allowed to fizzle out because the Cult know they have lost.



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