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The ancient symbol of the Saturnian Cosmic Mountain shown in various logos


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In the book ‘The Saturn Myth’ (inspired by the work of Immanuel Velikovsky) David Talbott explores “celestial events that shaped early cultures”. Talbott argues that the “Great God” or “Universal Monarch” of the ancients was not the Sun — but Saturn — which once hung ominously over Earth and “visually dominated the skies”. There was once a period when Saturn was closer to Earth and fixed stationary in the sky. Based on ancient accounts throughout the world, Talbott describes a period of “great upheaval” in celestial bodies, when Saturn, Venus and Mars descended, and aligned — various catastrophes ensued, and a “Cosmic Mars Mountain” eventually formed, seemingly connecting to Saturn, as though it were a pathway of sorts, see various illustrations herehere and here.

screenshot-2021-04-13-at-17.26.56.png?w= THE COSMIC MOUNTAIN TO SATURN

As Talbott explains in his book ‘The Saturn Myth’:



The same Saturnian symbol seen in various logos from around the world:


sg-command.png?w=597 STARGATE TV LOGO
borderlands_of_steel_by_pillowofdarkness BORDERLANDS LOGO
maxresdefault-7-1.jpg?w=640 UNIVERSAL PICTURES LOGO
kmlmkmkk-1.png?w=640 ILLUMINATI WEBSITE LOGO
kmlmkmk.png?w=640 THE OA TV SERIES LOGO
hin4boltlqj71-1.png?w=600 COLUMBIA PICTURES LOGO
jnnjjjnj.png?w=971 DOLLAR BILL
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