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I need your help please! *video needed*


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I’m looking for a simple video that’s not too long that could help someone I know to be convinced not to take the covid jab that he’s booked in for himself. He’s quite young and naive so needs to be simple but one that will get enough of the message across without bombarding too much information at him and putting him off wanting to listen or take in the information.


I watched a really good one about a year ago but just can’t seem to find anything now with the censorship and with BitChute search functions being terrible.


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4 hours ago, CarpeDiem said:

Not sure what will come of Dr Fuellmich & co work over two years + but this video covers everything that needs to be addressed.




The above vid was originally on YouTube in 2020.

I was sending out small leaflets locally with the link for the vid on YouTube and in the space of a few days then the following view numbers were noted:

On Oct 3rd there were 30,000 views, (7th Oct) over 851,000 views

When it got to around a million a short time later, yes you guessed - YouTube pulled it off.

So my leaflets then of course would provide a link only to a non-available video.

It has resurfaced a couple of times AND I am so pleased to see that it is still going around.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has moved forward a lot since then and I am hopeful that his efforts have not been wasted.

I have to state that he gave me hope so early on in this crisis (along with others).

There are more recent vids of Dr. Fuellmich with up to date situations described but this one does lay out a basic set of dots to be connected. It is not too long and he is articulate and easy to follow. 

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