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Would Gang Stalking & Electronic Harassment Be Hurtcore

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Inside the Repulsive World of 'Hurtcore', the Worst Crimes Imaginable (vice.com)

Torment and humiliation used to be a very public spectacle. But in the modern world, there are new ways to be cruel, and many of them are conducted from behind a computer screen.

This is the main general dynamic of being subject to this type of clandestine covert subtle way of harassing and aiming at triggering an unwitting gaslit victim, in order to induce or cause mental illness.

This article highlights the general dynamic and uncanny enjoyment some of our perps have towards us try to work out what's going on or just our day to day living with the veiled hints and use of covert harassment, and use of EH as a tool to exploit and torment its chosen victims, the enjoyment and egging on entwined with the aspect of a cultural trend of shaming and mobbing within online platforms and of offline politics and social change, as we are viewed as crazy or conspiracy theorist.

( "Hurtcore is a fetish for people who get aroused by the infliction of pain, or even torture, on another person who is not a willing participant," explains Eileen Ormsby, who investigated the dark net hurtcore scene for her forthcoming book, The Darkest Web. "It can be so sadistic that even most paedophiles are repulsed by it. Videos and photos generally come out of poverty-stricken countries, but the market is worldwide.")

I think this article highlights this hidden fact, within Gaslighting, Gangstalking, Mobbing culture.

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Gangstalking would imo, is evil and its designed to inflict trauama, isolation and induce a mental illness, and eventually suicide you, leaving no accountability, the key is to figure out the tactics and expose them, call them out, call out every cruel act done to you, its done under a layer of secrecy and under a banner of mental health, once declared as "paranoid" or "skitz", everything can be laid on full blast, because you are now classed as "delusional".

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