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A Bloke and his Missus have moved in down the end of my garden!! .... WTF


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On 1/18/2022 at 12:55 AM, Anti Facts Sir said:

Obviously I know badgers exist, but never seen one so close.


I never saw a wild badger until a few years ago, when I was living in my previous property. It was a maisonette on a side road, and the garden backed onto the canal bank. I'd stepped out one evening into the garden to have a smoke before I went to bed. I could hear something moving about, rustling through undergrowth. Then onto the small bit of lawn that I had, was this stripey pig-like creature, a badger!


I'd heard from one of my neighbours that there were badgers around, and they'd come up from the canalside at night, but this was the first time I'd ever seen one with my own eyes.


On the subject of foxes, the most wonderful sight I ever saw was a couple of years ago, in the place where I'm living now. We do regularly have them prowling around my estate, even in the daytime. But one evening, about 10pm during the early summer (it was almost dark but not quite) I went into my kitchen, and could see some movement in my garden. I turned off the kitchen light so I could see outside better, and there were about five little fox cubs scampering around on the lawn playing with each other. Then over the fence came Momma fox, and she just lay down on the grass under the conifer trees at the end of the garden. I know it was Momma, because the little cubs stopped playing and ran over to her to start suckling.


It was just amazing to watch, to see this kind of behaviour with my own eyes.

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