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$10,000 reward offered for information on gruesome dog, goat slaying in Vallejo (18th May 2017)







A woman’s normal morning routine was interrupted Tuesday after she discovered the remains of a dismembered goat in Vallejo.
Jessi Allen was driving on her way to work at 12:45 p.m. when she spotted what appeared to be an animal carcass spilling out of several grocery store bags under the bridge at Sage St., approximately 1,000 feet south of Crest Ranch Park in Vallejo.
Allen pulled over to investigate and discovered the remains to belong to a goat. She quickly reported her finding by reaching out to social media community forums, the Vallejo Police Department and various local animal rescue groups.
Among those contacted was Marie Victa-Chua of the Center of Animal Rescue and Education in Solano County (CARES).
Victa-Chua explained she and Allen were able to speak at length about the incident and found similarities between the dismembered goat and the mass dog slayings found by Carine Peters Feb. 17 on a trail only four miles away near Blue Rock Springs Park.
“I had some questions for her and she gave me detailed answers and sent pictures,” said Victa-Chua. “She said it was a goat wrapped in plastic bags from Mi Pueblo supermarket. The goat was decapitated and its legs were cut off. The internal organs were out of its abdominal cavity. The body was still fresh and had no signs of decomposition.
After Allen posted the picture of the goat on Facebook shortly after her discovery, the incident prompted a flurry of responses online.
Weighing in on the subject before noon on Wednesday was Vallejo Mayor Bob Sampayan, who gave insight on the investigation.
“Received an email from the Assistant City Manager regarding the find,” Sampayan wrote on Facebook. “County Animal Control responded and took custody of the remains. According to what they have found, it appears that the goat may have been used for food. The goat had all the edible parts removed and the remains were discarded on Sage St. The same thing happened several years ago in Benicia. Whether or not the remains had any identifying marks is unknown. As I get more information, I’ll post it. It does not appear to be anything nefarious.”
Although Allen’s find has not yet led to any arrests, Victa-Chua expressed she was thankful that CARES efforts have prompted discussions in the community of other animals going missing or being found mutilated.
“Two or three weeks after the incident at Lake Herman, there was a lady who said she was missing her dog,” Victa-Chua said. “She found her puppy dumped at Wilson Park, severely burned and dead. It was the same thing, with a grocery bag used to contain the dead puppy’s body. This time the bag was from La Tapatia Market on Broadway Street. I’m not saying there is a correlation between all of the incidents, but there is a common denominator.
“My goal is just to let the public know that CARES is not going to stop and we’re still willing to increase the reward,” she continued. “CARES is going to continue its commitment to finding leads and reaching out to people in the community who might give us credible leads.”
On Wednesday, Victa-Chua said CARES is willing to raise the reward from $2,000 to $5,000 for anyone with information leading to an arrest concerning the animal deaths in Vallejo.
This addition increases the total reward to $10,000, thanks to contributions from Napa-based nonprofit Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR) and NorCal Bully Breed Rescue of Sacramento.
“We believe it is our civic duty to help track down this dangerous individual(s),” Monica Stevens, co-founder of JARR, wrote Wednesday in a news release. “It is not unreasonable to assume that the person(s) responsible will go on to kill again. The dismembered goat discovered yesterday might well have been killed by the same person or persons. We will continue to do our own investigation to see if we can help shed light on this horrific case.”


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Was the late Sam Walton of Walmart fame a practicing occultist whose practices included Extispicy?







I have Piscina over on v/pizzagate to thank for this brilliant find. Turns out that the late owner of Walmart Sam Walton was up to occult practices in the late 1970's (1978) in Bentonville;




Steve Ferguson was hauling rocks off old Doc Compton's farm on the outskirts of town when he spotted what looked like some kind of altar, native fieldstones’ piled one upon the other, peeking through the briar and bramble amid the hickory and sycamore trees.

Mr. Ferguson took a closer look, then ran to call the landlord, Dr, Neil Compton. Together, the two men stood and stared at the discovery. “It was built up like a fireplace would be,” Dr. Compton recalled. “In the center was ‘the skull of a cow, and then all around it these rocks had been painted.”

The markings on the. rocks, which. seemed to him “like hieroglyphics or something,” made no sense, he said. But it looked ominous, so‐ he telephoned the Benton County Sheriff';s Department. Then he told Mr. Ferguson to tear the thing down.

Sgt. John Green and his partner, Lieut. Don Rystrom, had been preoccupied with another bizarre case, a series of animal mutilations in the Bentonville area, but they went out to look at the strangely painted rocks anyway. They, too, came away puzzled.

A Second Altar

That was two months ago, and nobody in this pleasant Ozark village of 7,000 people thought much more about. it until a few weeks later when Mr. Ferguson, still hauling rccks, found a second altar near the site of the first. This time, the message was clear: in addition to a plastic human skull, some candles, a large knife and more of the peculiar symbols, someone had left a message scrawled in painted white letters: “Zyto's wrath is upon you.” them,” Dr. Compton said, “and said, ‘The power of The Lord is greater.’

“Steve wrote a little note back to Steve's a very religious fellow.”

After examining the second batch of rocks, Sergeant Green said, he thought he had an idea of what was going on. On a hunch, he asked a bookstore in town to get him a hook on witchcraft and demonology.

When it arrived, he found that it contained two items of particular interest. The first was a copy of the Theban alphabet, the “magical ciphers” used by modern witches, whose characters were matched by some of the symbols on the rocks. Feeling a bit like the man who discovered the Rosetta Stone, Sergeant Green translated the strange inscriptions into “good” and “had.” He also found a reference to an ancient sorcerer named Zytho.

The second discovery was a chapter recounting some of the superstitions and traditions that were brought to these green mountains by settlers in the last. century and have persisted among the hillfolk. These include a strain of witchcraft with an initiation ceremony wherein a prospective fires seven bullets at the moon and repeats the Lord's Prayer backwards in front of a satanic altar at midnight.

The ceremony, according to the legend, occurs in the dark phase of the moon. So Sergeant Green calculated when the next event was likely to occur and, late on the appointed night, he and Lieutenant Rystrom crept out to the Compton farm and waited. Nothing happened.

Dubious About Connection

Sergeant Green then consulted Jerome Rose, a professor of physical anthropology at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. Dr. Rose suggested that the animal mutilations that had been taking place were, as he put it the other clay, “consistent with somebody trying to practice witchcraft”

In ‘all. four cows and a horse have been killed this year in an apparently ritualistic fashion that involved cutting out their eyes, tongues and reproductive organsSome of the carcasses were found within five miles of Dr. Compton's farm.

The sheriff's office was dubious about a connection. So to buttress his point, Dr. Rose consulted some astrological texts and predicted that the next mutilation would occur on the first of MayIt did.

In the meantime, Dr. Compton was making arrangements to sell the property to his next‐door neighbor, Sam Walton. It was not just the altars that bothered him, Dr. Compton said. He had gotten too old to work the property, and there had been other strange goings‐on, like the gunfire the neighbors had been hearing around midnight.

The sheriff's office remained puzzled. For one thing, it was unusual in a small town like Bentonville that no one had come forward with any information. And then there were the reports of unidentified flying objects. “We had a bunch of those about the same time this was going on,” Lieutenant Rystrom said.

The land belongs to Mr, Walton now. Two weeks ago today, a third altar was discovered in the field where the other two had been found.

“I'm glad I don't own it any more,” was all Dr. Compton had to say.



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Important books for research purposes;


Early Mesopotamian Divination Literature: Its Organizational Framework and Generative and Paradigmatic Characteristics, by Abraham Winitzer; https://brill.com/view/title/15024?rskey=CyaZPN&result=1


Hiera Kala : Images of animal sacrifice in Archaic and classical Greece by FT van Straten; 








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Disturbed Man Cuts Woman’s Stomach Open, Watches Intestines Fall Out (7th Jan 2012)







A Platte City man has been charged with the murder of one woman and brutally attacking a second woman. Quintin O’Dell, 22, has been charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the death of Alissa Shippert.
Court documents show O’Dell allegedly murdered Shippert near a boat ramp at the Platte Falls Conservation area on May 31, 2011. O’Dell was a co-worker of Shippert’s.  He told sheriff’s deputies during an interview on January 5 and 6 that he went to see Shippert as she fished along the Platte River.
O’Dell told investigators he got into a confrontation with Shippert after she believed he had drowned while swimming in the river. Police say O’Dell then struck Shippert in the back of the head with a hatchet. He continued to strike her repeatedly until she stopped crying or breathing. O’Dell then allegedly pulled Shippert’s body into the river.
The suspect told detectives he left the scene by floating back to Platte City in the Platte River, returned to home, took a shower, and went to sleep.
O’Dell is also being charged in the attack of Brittany Costello. On December 26, 2011, O’Dell allegedly went to the apartment of a 21-year-old woman in Ferrelview. In an initial interview, O’Dell told investigators he left the apartment while she was alive. At a later interview with deputies, O’Dell allegedly told investigators that, while he was at the woman’s apartment on December 26, he overheard a telephone call in which the woman argued with a recent boyfriend. O’Dell allegedly became enraged as a result of the argument between the woman and her boyfriend, grabbed a razor blade from the counter of the woman’s kitchen and cut open Costello’s abdomen.
Court documents indicate O’Dell told deputies he recalled seeing the woman’s intestines fall out of her abdomen on the living room floor.  He then allegedly walked out the apartment, went home, and woke up the next morning to find dried blood on his hands and shirt. O’Dell allegedly threw away the shirt.
O’Dell has been charged with first-degree assault and armed criminal action for the December 26 incident. He faces life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder charge. Prosecutors could also seek the death penalty against O’Dell. Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd said he would review the case to determine whether the State would seek the death penalty.
O’Dell is being held in the Platte County Jail in lieu of a $750,000 cash bond.


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What happened to the 1,200 babies sold in Pakistan?







Responding to a complaint of child trafficking police from the Civil Lines station has uncovered what could possibly be an organised child trafficking ring operating out of the Allied Hospital.

During the raid the police party arrested a woman who has made shocking allegations. Khursheeda Bibi claimed to be an employee of the Allied Hospital and confessed to her involvement in the purchase and sale of newborns for the last three decades.

The accused has alleged that hospital staff, including doctors, gynaecologists and the Medical Superintendent have all been involved in the racket.


The child would be sold with documentation, "It would be properly stamped and signed" by the Medical Superintendent, she told Geo News.

The price of a newborn boy was Rs300,000 while a newborn girl was sold for Rs200,000 according to Khursheedha Bibi.

“The money we made by selling newborns would also be spent on the [hospital’s] ward,” she told the police. “I would only get the commission [on each sale].”

Police sources claim, Khursheeda Bibi and her husband were also involved in the trade of illegitimate newborns.

A case was filed against Khursheeda, her daughter and three others and she has been sent on judicial remand.

When the hospital management was approached they denied Khursheeda Bibi’s claims of doctors, gynaecologists or the MS being involved in the illegal business.

When asked, Allied Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Khurram Altaf confirmed Khursheeda Bibi was a former employer of the medical facility adding that her daughter was employed as a Lady Health Worker (LHV).

Khursheeda "was a former employee and her daughter was an LHV here. We suspended her after we received a copy of the FIR." The MS gave the impression that the accused was conducting her illegal activities without the knowledge or invovlement of the hospital staff.

SP Lyallpur Town Maaz Ahmed told Geo News that the police was investigating the allegations and after checking the veracity of her claims the police would proceed further. 



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Baby taken from mother whilst she was sleeping is found decapitated with his heart and intestines ripped open. Antioquia, Colombia (30th Oct 2018)







A BABY has been found decapitated with his heart and intestines ripped out prompting locals to fear he had been snatched by a “diabolical non-human”.
The five-month-old boy’s mum was sleeping with him at home in Vigia del Fuerte in Antioquia, Colombia, but woke up to find that he was missing last Thursday. However, her baby was found alive and covered in mud in wetlands close to the house. But his 28-year-old mum, who has not been named, was heartbroken to discover that her child had vanished again the following day. Concerned neighbours organised a search of the area but the baby was found dead in the mountains. According to reports, the boy was beheaded, with his heart and intestines ripped out, and he was missing an arm.
Despite concerns from neighbours that the “diabolical” killer was “not human”, local mayor Manuel Enrique Cuesta Borja said the tot’s wounds were caused by an animal, reports Colombian news outlet Lafm.
He said the baby’s remains were found “deep inside the mountain” which may suggest he was dragged there by some kind of wild predator. However, the mayor said locals are convinced “something very strange” is happening to their community.” He told El Colombiano neighbours believe "a kind of hurricane settled on the house of the baby's mother and wanted to disrupt it “ Local official Carlos Negret said: "It is heartbreaking. When I was told about the case I wondered how long the wickedness was taking". The body of the baby was sent for a post-mortem examination and his mum will undergo analysis to determine whether she was drugged when her baby was taken away.
The investigation is ongoing and no arrests are believed to have been made.


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How Sellafield nuclear power plant 'mutilated' its workers' bodies





Organs and bones were illegally harvested from the bodies of dead nuclear industry workers at Sellafield without their consent over a period of 30 years, an inquiry found yesterday.
The relatives of 64 staff, many of whom only discovered their loved ones had been stripped of livers, tongues and even legs decades after they were buried, said the inquiry's findings proved the existence of an "old boys' club" among pathologists, coroners and scientists around Sellafield prior to 1992 which prioritised the needs of the nuclear industry above those of grieving family members.
In evidence to inquiry chairman Michael Redfern QC, who oversaw the Alder Hey inquiry, representatives of the workers said they felt as if bodies had been "mutilated" and treated as "commodities" to assist in research on behalf of the industry to disprove the link between cancers and radiation.
Some missing bones had been replaced with broomsticks for deceased workers' funerals. Mr Redfern said the families had been "wronged". "In most cases considered by the inquiry, relatives were let down at the time when they were most vulnerable by those in whom they were entitled to place an absolute trust," he said.
In the Commons, Energy Secretary Chris Huhne apologised to the families and said the practice had been stopped.
The 650-page report, following a three-year inquiry which also examined three other studies involving the nuclear industry in which 6,500 bodies, including children, were used, said the removal of organs and tissue was "unnecessary and inappropriate" in the majority of the Sellafield cases.
Pathologists who gave evidence to the inquiry were singled out for criticism. They were described as being "profoundly ignorant of the law" and of erroneously believing they could act with "carte blanche to remove tissue and organs for whatever purpose they saw fit". Coroners were also accused of leaving families in the dark and of assisting the nuclear authorities heedless of whether consent had been obtained or if the removal of organs had relevance to the cause of death.
The inquiry was ordered by then Trade and Industry Secretary Alistair Darling in 2007 when it first emerged that body parts had been removed between 1961 and 1992. The deaths of 76 workers – 64 from Sellafield and 12 from other UK nuclear plants – were examined, although the scope of the inquiry was later significantly widened.
The "driving force" behind the post-mortem extraction of organs at Sellafield was BNFL's chief medical officer Dr Geoffrey Schofield, an acclaimed occupational health expert. The inquiry found he was subject to "little if any managerial supervision or control of his activities" prior to his death in 1985.
An "informal arrangement" existed between Dr Schofield and pathologists at the West Cumberland Hospital and he was "easily able" to obtain organs for analysis. Dr Schofield and his successor would return to their laboratory at Sellafield with the organs in a cool box.
There they were weighed, labelled and stored in a freezer before being analysed and then taken to the low-level waste repository at Drigg. The report said Dr Schofield took "somewhat dubious steps to obtain organs" in cases that were of particular interest to him, and accused him of a "manipulation of the coronial process".






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