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Friday 14th January 2022

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Covid Vaccine Lethal – Scientific Proof


Un-fake-vaccinated Canadian parents and their four-year-old son with leukemia are being evicted from a Ronald McDonald house because they’ve not had the jab – the ‘Covid’ hoax has stripped so many of the most basic humanity


Vicious, senile ‘Biden’ (his masters) create ‘Domestic terrorism’ secret police unit to target all dissent. Biden is a fascist, his masters are fascists, and they are turning America fascist by the day for the Global Cult coordinating it all


Bill Gates bewildered (no he’s not) by conspiracy theories about him and ‘Covid’ fake vaccines: ‘Why would I want to do that?’ Because you are a psychopath serving your Global Cult masters. Simple, really – as you well know, Mr Gates


BREAKING: Novak Djokovic’s VISA CANCELLED again


Right Now – Gareth Icke Talks To Dr Ariyana Love About How The Vaccines Are Causing The Variants Of Disease


Denmark first European country to offer 4th ‘Covid’ fake vaccine


Dr Steve James: I’d sacrifice my job over vaccine mandates


US Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s Fake Vaccine Mandat


Biden Admin Compiling Database Of Religious Objectors To Fake Vaccine Within Obscure Agency


China Takes Over The World – For The Cult – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast


Three players drop out of Australian Open with chest issues while Djokovic awaits his fate


Ickonic – David Icke Dot-Connector Trailer



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