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"THE MINDS OF MEN" Documentary covering MKULTRA(it might be much more than you've been led to believe...)

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Definitely worth a watch.

Over 3 hours long.  It's both sad and maddening what the anti-Spirit humans have been perpetrating on humans and other life forms.

Jesus said: "...Physician!...Heal thyself!!...",  but they won't /don't listen, they're deaf, dumb, and blind.  He also said: "...forgive them, they know not what they do...".




ps: nano-tech crap in the injections("vaccines") appears to be a progression and extension of it. And then the justification used..("humans are violent"...etc) .is disengenious because it's the "elitists" and their sold-out govts that orchestrate and instigate the violence, wars, and chaos in the 1st place, to play the "ordo-ab-chao", "problem-reaction-solution" game on the rest of the humans...

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