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Employment lawyers for the unvaccinated?


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2 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

This news in relation to Citi Bank is from the US: https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2022/01/09/citigroup-to-fire-unvaccinated-us-staff-this-month.html


But we are going to see similar in the UK as we know with care homes and the NHS.


Are there lawyers specialising in defending the unvaccinated?

There are and they've been linked on this site a few times. I'm off out now but if nobody steps in, I'll link to at least one of them (UK company) later tonight.

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Here pal, 

if you know anyone who gets sack over Covid, don't waste your time with law firms. 

Send them to me. I will sort it out for free.

I have had my previous firm prosecuted and last one grassed them up to Inland revenue over Furlough Fraud.

They sent me a solicitors letter saying I arnt allowed to talk to other firms.

I wiped their £250 quid letter on my backside for toilet roll when I had a Madras.

Anyone who is scared to come forward over employment matters and are getting harrassed, inbox me and I will show you who the daddy is.

I fought for unions for years and if I see anyone getting mis treat over Covid 19 I will come down on the employer like a ton on bricks..



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