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Northern lights over the isle of man


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Utter bollox again. Last night the isle of man had the northern lights. It was on look north just now so it must be true.

Except for the repetitious programming

 For Iceland and the north pole recently I would say at least 30 programmes or mentions on the tv in the last month alone. All plugging the NoL till it's common place.


One isle of man is not north enough to see it and if they did Scotland would also see it as would Ireland.

Two the repetition suggests agenda programming.

Three they have launched a JEW mirror into space JamE sWebb S  and there is a shift in the polarity of the planet.

Is the planet going OZ ZION emerald green.





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So the northern lights are more common than the Ms are telling us. You must go to Norway Finland Iceland north pole Greenland Alaska when actually you can see them regularly in the IOM or even Scotland.

33 programmes and celebrities sponsored by Iceland toursit board bso  it's conditioning why

the neon green is actually lithium wavelength 

Reminds me of the emerald city in OZ which is also a prison programme and Oz is Australia and the 2012 Olympics ZION 2021 ten years later 

Covid is divorce and corana divorce is a separation from the sun. 

JamEs Webb telescope is a huge JEW  mirror and coronation street speed Dahl launches it's hexagon decor the same time the JEW telescope opens .

The Saturn reset.







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