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Charles Manson, MKULTRA, HAFMC and Louis Jolyon West

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20 minutes ago, Fluke said:

@Truthspoon i wonder also if mental illness has something to do with parasites. Some parasites "possess" the host and can cause strange thoughts. I was researching pychosis in my late teens after fearing for my own sanity after drug induced depersonalisation. 


Perhaps then, these entities act like parasites. 


I had a dream once about a man with schizophrenia and around his head were these large black tadpole like creatures moving and communicating etherically. So like a concious parasite with the the sole purpose to change the hosts will or to drive one insane. Imagine that as a weaponised illness. 




It's a combination of personal loss of energy, depleted seretonin and adrenochome toxicity which allows the parasitical demon beings to harrass you.


It's not one thing or the other, it's all of them.....


It's not chemical imbalance or demons...it's both.


Consider that our brains are hard-wired to protect us from demonic intrustions.... but if you hack the body's bio-chemical stress system just enough, you destroy the defences, as the evil Freemasons so, you allow the astral demons to flood in.


This is the kind of stuff Crowley was into....opening portals and letting the 'old ones' enter...


The portal is in your mind.......and you let them in at your own risk..


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