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"Why I got vaccinated"


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Hi everyone. I got "vaccinated" last week ... well not really - but in my home country there's no such a thing as impossible . The important thing is that they already emailed my proof of vaccination , I choose the J&J - as only one dose is enough to be considered "vaccinated" , accepted in UK and im ready to travel in 10  days without paying for  pcr tests and other bullshits. I feel like I spit myself in the face and buried my morals but financially I wouldn't be able to survive this year otherwise. For family reasons I have to travel at least 5 times this year and that would have costed me close to £2.000 in pcr tests ( travelling between 3 countries ) plus 50 days of quarantine ... well in my case that would be around 5 to 8k net loss in wages ... so when someone told me that his gp does it remotely i called and ordered it without thinking much...Do the same if you have the chance , though I'm not sure how it works here. What I know that positive/negative pcr ' s cost around £250 in West London, my cousin needed a positive one to skip job ... though I'm not sure how much they chargeing now with the Omicron. That was with the Delta season. Anyway - I'm sure its possible - just need a bit of research. If there's a solution. .. than this one. 

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1 hour ago, ConspiracyTruths.co.uk said:

Your life your choice mate. Sounds pretty dumb to me but I guess theres a chance it won't seriously injure or kill you. Good luck.

What  ? 😐 I got the proof of my vaccination - not the actual vaccine. That's what im trying to explain. 

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On 1/10/2022 at 3:36 PM, mrbookrah said:

What  ? 😐 I got the proof of my vaccination - not the actual vaccine. That's what im trying to explain. 

Yeah, I get it. Well done, seriously that's a result. I've been close but not achieved the same.


I have a Thai friend (dual UK nationality) who's been back and forth three or four times in the last two years, still not vaxxed, won't PCR (offered piss instead) and where he lives here is fucking isolated anyway!


I'm thinking most GP's in the UK are totally self-obsessed materialists, thinking they've done enough to prove how fucking better than the rest of us they are. And would therefore be stupid enough with a little dodging and weaving to provide the neccessary.


Although the plan is implanted verification, so I might have to chop my neighbours arm off when he turns into a zombie so I can still shop.


It's all going T*ts up.

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