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Spaceflight And Its Connection With Transhumanism


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Headnote: I wasn't quite sure where to post this message, in the Transhumanism section or here, as the gist of this post is that these two subject areas overlap to some degree and not, in my opinion, by mere coincidence...


What becomes almost immediately evident in one's research of the transhumanist and spaceflight movements is how deeply and suspiciously interconnected they are at their core, if not perceived as such upon first superficial glance.


The galactic community awaits our 'evolution' but first we must meet these beings halfway. So goes the spiel. Enter talk of zero-point 'gravity' and the need for man to overcome his physical limitations in order to safely & successfully traverse the stars and become as one with the highly advanced techno-beings of this great universal religion.


Many within the more New Agey circles of ufology are obsessed not only with "visitors" but with spaceflight, with wanting to colonize the interstellar regions (the 'To The Stars Academy' comes to mind), whose roster contains many high-profile figures within the field, and before this there were other institutions and groups like the 'globalist' World Future Society (that combined sci-fi memes & transhumanist ideology) and the Overview Institute, of which Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell (who allegedly planted a Masonic flag on the lunar surface) was part of.


Indeed, one cannot help but wonder whether some of these influential sci-fi writers and published contactees of the past & present were/are not paid operatives, but I nominally digress. Whatever the case, many of these ones write of man's supposed need to escape Earth, either out of necessity (survival of the species) or because they feel it is man's destiny to do so (to ascend as a collective planetary body). Where that leaves Gaia worship in all this I'm not entirely certain.


Have you heard of this thing called 'the Overview Effect'? This is the view of Earth from outer space said to have been experienced by Edgar Mitchell and other NASA astronauts; an event which apparently left them with a warm and fuzzy feeling of awe and wonder. And, whaddya know, there are those within certain institutions who want the rest of humanity to experience the same numinous experience for themselves, if not by actual space travel (in trans-humanist/post-humanist) form then by 3D simulation. (If donning VR goggles in order to be taken in by a short propaganda picture is not a blatant example of social engineering/brainwashing, I don't know what is.)


The mystery for me, then, seems to be solved, when in my past attempts to raise awareness of the (dystopian) transhumanist movement with those in the alt-media into say, Disclosure, I have been met with telling, voluminous silence, akin to SETI's satellite receptions.

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11 hours ago, Hegel Schmegel said:

Enter talk of zero-point 'gravity' and the need for man to overcome his physical limitations in order to safely & successfully traverse the stars and become as one with the highly advanced techno-beings of this great universal religion.


Went to make an edit in order to correct this sentence but found no option to. Zero-point energy/anti-gravity is how this sentence should read.

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Interesting correlation indeed ,It certainly brings new meaning to Zuck acock's Mettaverse

With regards to space travel and the technology that is in the public arena today I see two possibilities for any substantial trip

1 Hibernation of the people onboard and given the issues with muscle atrophy and  bone strength and density, this would be highly impractical and basically catastrophic as the trip would be so long 

2 I can see this very fact being one of the excuses used to turn us into cyborgs as a mechanical body would hopefully endure long periods in space without the inconvenience when the destination is reached with regards to gravity 

Do I believe is this the only technology we posses ?no, however it would bring into question the use of oil and electricity generation ,but that's another story

Just a thought

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Throughout the course of my research into the whole 'Human 2.0' subculture, talk of digitized consciousness, man-machine merging, envisioned class distinctions between the upgraded and unenhanced, for the most part these have all been relegated to the topography of Earth. That is, until terms like 'Omega Point' and 'Noosphere' (incidentally, with their New Age origins) are encountered, do the threads of seeming terrestrial-restricted futurism begin to intersect with all things hyperspace-related, which is where this quest for technocratic Apotheosis is thought will ultimately come to fruition: beyond the Van Allen belt and outside of an enclosed firmamental dome. If clunky, outmoded NASA rockets are unable to escort the collective bride down the aisle, surely some sort of advanced (theoretically back-engineered) alternate energy system will see to this modern-day miracle, this cosmic consummation between man and alien, does the crypto-posthumanist, machine-like-Gray-loving saucer enthusiast opine.


Relevant aside: These UFO believers, it must be credited, at least hint as to where they stand on the transhumanist issue, if only indirectly, which is more than can be said of certain Bible-believing sects who hitherto have failed to pick up on this diabolical '2.0' movement on their supposedly watchful, sentinelling radar. Earth to religious sentry: Now is no time to be spiritually asleep, especially if you identify as geocentric Christians and believe in a Creator who tailor-made this 'blue marble' of ours for the human species to inhabit and not to satanically reject in favor of the deep abyss, the outer darkness. Good lord, wake up and smell those artificial anti-edenic roses, practically fondling your nostrils, or is your supposed God-given insight into social, worldly trends from on high so incredibly revealing?


Here we now come once again to the Huxleys: Aldous, brother Julian (who coined the term transhumanism) and Sir Thomas of Darwin's day. Huxley's Brave New World and Orwell's 1984 are well-known to many as examples of stunningly near-prophetic science-fiction tales; not so amazingly intuitive in foresight, however, if you consider, as in the former's case especially, that in some instances authors of so-called speculative fiction are perhaps more than just extraordinarily prescient visionaries but rather witting agents engaged in the craft of predictive programming. Many people to this day, even within the more enlightened alternative community, ignorantly continue to regard Aldous Huxley in high esteem as having been a commoner-conscious member of the intelligentsia. Although these two penmen seldom if ever wrote of space operas, one does well to consider whether those who do are likewise more than just independent storytellers out to earn their daily bread and not establishment-linked hired hacks employed to fill a social engineering role, laying the psychological foundation for the Musks and Kurzweils of society and for their visions to be more readily accepted by the masses, somewhat normalized already by these pioneering predecessors of fiction-writing.


Thanks to largely influential societal forces such as the Royal Society, et al, the pseudo-scientific doctrine of Evolution has now for more than a century been accepted by many as an unquestionable given, with the next step in mankind's evolution, so the theory goes, seeding Venus and other maternal heavenly bodies via a collective bionic phallus, if that is even possible, either within a ball-Earth paradigm or even a heliocentric universe for that matter.


As I understand it, post-transhumanists in mechanical form may be able to terraform the Red Planet and other seemingly inhospitable regions but it is unlikely that man in his present carbon-based, organic state would be able to do this, unaided by wishful thinking.


Indeed, it is my feeling that cosmic consciousness can be attained without the need for propulsion systems and right here on Terra Mater, internally and as individuals, sans the need of escaping to other worlds in the pursuit of what amounts to pseudo-transcendence.


Conversely, if there are advanced civilizations in the cosmos, these, in my opinion, would undoubtedly be spiritually so and as such soul-aware enough to not care about what lies beyond their individual physical tabernacles (let alone their planetary environment), nor would their evolved inner natures be inclined to want to develop material technologies necessary for space exploration in the first place, as they would be fully aware of the transitory condition of their biological vessels within an overall spirit-based paradigm, which recognizes a nonphysical afterlife of soul-growth and ultimate, genuine ascension.


To the contrary farts the guru-like hierophant, who has tasted of the UFO and who preaches eco-consciousness and the supposed dire threat that anthropogenic climate change has wreaked on the planet, all the while gazing at the stars as the one-and-only solution out of the environmental mess humanity finds itself in, as if totally insincere in his professed concerns for the earth, seemingly more interested in the survival of ego/mind off-planet, and by extension in dehumanized form.


There's too many of us on the planet! exclaims the close-encounter experiencer turned self-perceived sage pundit, echoing the sentiments of his beloved mentor-godman. Never-mind that this is flat-out untrue and globalist-speak; the very thought of living in harmony with nature -- above traditional societies, fully embracing of certain conveniences and creature comforts yet not so nature-deprived as to be uncritically accepting of high-tech foregrounds -- is not even an option for those of seeming, subconsciously misanthropic bent.


Earth, we are told, is a prison, the interpretation of which the stargazing transhumanist takes to mean physically, planetarily -- as opposed to spiritually, which allows for it to also be our natural habitat as experiencers of the divinely endowed human condition. Freedom for those within the former camp is perceived as the need to relocate to even 'higher' depths of abysmal matter, whereas the terrestrial prison is merely a mind imprisoned by the bars of an illusory perception, made freeing by a simple shift in human consciousness.


For me, the domesticated forest is where it's at. Which is to say, in-between the native and the aspiring refugee, where the best of both worlds is to be found on middle ground. Balance is the key. If, thanks to our appliances and utilities we have been able to free up more time to attend to our minds, then why seek to conquer and control that which connects us to the divine by reverting to imprisoning it in an even baser mode of matter? Nothing is worth that trade-off, neither all the kingdoms of the world nor even the entire material cosmos itself.

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