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Question: Why is the "Law of Attraction" not censored?

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On 1/9/2022 at 2:58 PM, QueenRia said:

David says perception creates reality, and the cult knows this, and naturally doesn't want us to know about it.

But ever since "The Secret" came out, there is sooooo much material out there about manifesting and the Law of Attraction - in the mainstream!! More and more people are learning how to create their own reality.

Why are there no efforts made to suppress this kind of material?

At least it seems to me that no efforts are being made...


I think there are two differnent things here Ria . David saying  perception creates reality is not the same as the law of attraction ....


David has the idea that nothing is real , it's all in our heads , if we don't percieve it it's not really there ... which is clearly not true ..

It reminds me of the Zen riddle if a tree falls in a forest will it make a sound if nobody is there to hear ? .. David would say no .. but the answer is obviously yes , because we could leave a taprecorder running , leave the forrest , the tree falls and we can rewind and see there was a sound, 


The Law of attraction is something different , it's about what you focus on you attract to yourself .... so if you dream about wealth , imagine you have it , and put a lot of time and effort into this , you will attract lucky breaks which if followed , will increase your bank ballance , I tried this extensivly in my early life and it Does Work... Litterally hundreds of books have been writen on this by people who have tried it and found it works 


So your thoughts desires and beliefs do form your personal reality ... so you have to watch your beliefs , if you think the world is full of robbers and muggers you will increase the probability of drawing a mugger to you . 


But we are not the only players in the game , you can sit all day and think thoughts of peace love and harmony ... but there are much more powerful beings thinking thoughts of death torture and destruction ... these are the dark spirits and malevolent ET's ... these ET's are much more mentally developed than we are , and thats why they can overide our thoughts and we have a world of poverty war and slavery to 9 to 5 .....


They don't care if a very few of us know these principles , they regard us as mental midgets .... they do care about our belief in God though , that's why they've corrupted religions , and convinced us the idea is primative superstision .... they know from the past if humans come together and ask for Divine help , their plans get misteriously thwarted .....


This is our only way to defeate these advanced beings , Pray for Divine Help. 

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6 hours ago, LupaM13 said:

It's not censored because it suits the agenda to denigrate spiritual beliefs that are not the approved version.

Also, LOA is manifestation relabeled and marketed to make money from.it.

The secret behind it all is to use emotion and visualisation as if it has already happened.

LOA is also another version of techniques taught in NLP.

By the way, quantum science now agrees with it all, having denied it all previously...

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