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6 hours ago, CosmoGenesis said:

Bring cans of Stella. 


Its all the rage.


This is the aspect that disappoints me. I've attended a few protests in Birmingham in the last couple of years, and the first couple I went to, while the numbers were few, at least everyone was nice and civilised and enjoying the afternoon. The last one I went to, at which David Icke gave a speech, I was put off by a group of men, who were drinking said cans of Stella and were clearly on the verge of being intoxicated, and were being quite loud and obnoxious at times, which is always a bit annoying when you're trying to listen to what the speakers are saying.


Don't get me wrong, I'm partial to a drink myself, but when attending such an event, it doesn't occur to me that I need to get myself 'tanked up' in order to fully appreciate it.


And if anything it just makes me suspicious, as these 'drunken louts' are always the first ones to get approached by the patrolling police officers, which then ends up 'causing a scene' and just turns into a bit of a distraction.


Deliberate distraction?

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