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Can people please read this link on the Colsten 4. 

Its about the statue in Bristol that was damaged in the BLM protests.

Please look at the following statement that Shapps made.

“We live in a democratic country. If you want to see things changed you can get them changed, you do that through the ballot box, or petitioning your local council, etc. You don’t do it by going out and causing criminal damage."


We live in a democratic country, where voting or petitioning makes change?

We are living in a fascist state not a democratic one, decisions are getting made without public decision nor debate, thus resulting in public causing criminal damage.

We are getting brainwashed into taking a fucking fake vaccine by means of mass media censorship over the truth.

GO petition to your local council.

A petition was filed and over 700,000 people have asked for Tony Blairs Garter Knighthood to be quashed. 

A war criminal, not hero has been given this honour.

It stated in an article that they cant remove this over some bollox law.

Yet as soon as Casting couch whistleblowers come out Harvey Weinstein had his order removed after he was found guilty.

We live in a democratic state, where Tom Tugendhat and Andrew Adonis of opposite parties are discussing agendas in a hotel in Switzerland in 2019, called the Bilderberg meeting.

A place where representatives from African or South American nations are not invited. 

The reason why people cause criminal damage is because they are fucking sick of being treat like fucking animals.

That is why they did this.

My message goes to Grant Shapps. Why do people like you, who have never done a days work in your life go out in the real world and get a real job instead of sat their talking absolute shite. I am going to put the sentence up to ten years with no maximum fine.

You have no regard for human beings whatsoever.


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The problem with the statues is that it is the wrong battle


I don't believe slavers should be honoured by statues either but i think there is a danger here because this isn't really just about making the public face of history look more presentable to modern sensibilities.


In order to be streetwise about this we have to understand that the neo-marxists want to create a blank slate by sweeping away everything that exists. They want people to be a blank slate with no roots or culture or their own values as they want them to worship the state as their god. They don't want people to have a history that would enable them to understand their place in the world as part of a journey and instead they want a year zero with everything prior to that being completely ignored. They don't want people to have their own businesses or for them to trade freely amongst themselves; they want everyone dependent on the state for everything.


They don't want there to be any local culture and instead look to create purely functional things that are not embued with the soul of human craftsmanship. The 'brutalist' building style of the 1960's which includes such buildings as grenfell tower are an example of marxist city planning


So i believe going after statues is the low hanging fruit because most people, myself included, don't really care to see slavers honoured but it is not the end of the process; it is only the beginning of a much deeper process with the statues seen as an easy initial target.


Yes history is ugly but the point about history is that it serves to provide us with lessons about what not to do as well as what to do. Wiping history away and pretending it did not happen is not the right answer. Learning more about history and accepting the past and then learning from the mistakes of the past is the correct approach.


Under marxist influence the pulled statues will be replaced with people and names that present a more sanitised and globalised world view and what this will do is conceal the crimes of the very same forces (eg the crown and secret society network) that were behind things like the slave trade whose descendants are now the very same people behind the new left. They are expunging the signs of their own crimes and frankly i don't want those crimes forgotten

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you have some great wisdom on history.

I would like to tell you about an event in my life whilst on holiday in Bangkok, Thailand about 5 years ago.

I was waiting for a bus to the River Kwai tour.

A drunken American guy was making fun of a guy who at the time was carrying a camera.

The American guy was on the bus making fun of him, I think or had learnt that the American guy was some fucked up Vietnam veteran on  holiday or probably lived their, he was crazy.

He said to the Asian guy, " You taking photos of this place, it was you who blame for Pearl Harbour" And even more abusive racist language.

He was banging on the guys chair, and calling him names you would turn over and be sick.

I got involved and told the American guy, if you dont shut the fuck up, you are gonna be the one who is found dead in this place.

He started being clever with me, Where you from Britain? Halleljuha we love you guys. 

He started going on about Vietnam and RIver Kwai.

The end game was I took the guy around Bangkok and the Asian guy for a few beers and ended all up as good patriots and friends.

I had told them the exact thing you are talking about Macs.

History cannot be deleted but learn from it.

When I went into the history of the River Kwai, the American guy shook hands with the Asian guy who turned out to by from Korea not Japan.

Their holidays ended up being unforgettable.

Just a short story I told you on here about history and personal interest in my love for every country on earth.

You are right history is ugly. It should not be deleted as you say and should be corrected.

I felt I had corrected this situation at the time accordingly in a peaceful and good way between people and was proud of what I did. To  do it properly.

But this statue event, maybe these people that did it were either clever to avoid jail or just completely stupid.

But the point if what Grant Shapps said was un acceptable, petition?

They don't even listen to people.

Thus I can understand why people are going to extreme to get their voices heard.


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1 hour ago, moosehead999 said:

The end game was I took the guy around Bangkok and the Asian guy for a few beers and ended all up as good patriots and friends.

Their holidays ended up being unforgettable.


Nice work!


1 hour ago, moosehead999 said:

But this statue event, maybe these people that did it were either clever to avoid jail or just completely stupid.


Their heart was probably in the right place. I was in the same headspace when i was younger as i was part of the new left then


But i came to learn that the same people who fund the new left are the same people who control what the new left calls the 'capitalist', 'patriarchy'


Its the same corporate elites who control the current, central bank, economic paradigm that are behind the woke agenda...true story


Why would they do that? They do it to play both ends against the middle. They create a phoney war between state-capitalism (you could call it 'corporate socialism' or 'cartelism' as well) and neo-marxism and out of that tension and conflict you synthesis a new society which will be a centrally controlled TECHNOCRACY


So those people being duped into tearing down the existing order whilst being protected by the system are just useful idiots being manipulated by the oligarchic class looking to reshape society and the economy (the great reset)

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