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Hi all,

I am 100% behind Djokovic and his current situation in Australia.

Exemption is the same as Agnostic.

Agnostic is the same as conspiracy.

There is a vaccine to a virus that does not exist.

The virus is a conspiracy by the Bilderberg group.

Lets get this clear and out in the open for once.

Medical, religious or philosophical, whatever reason.

Muslim, Christian, Ethnic Irish etc. White, Black, Chinese etc. Disabled, abled, normal etc.

What is this new rule, the rule of exemption.

That means to things under Australian law.

Vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

So there is no rule for exemption.

Exempt or not exempt.

So what does agnostic mean???

Agnostic is a philosophical view not a medical or religious one.

It means the following, I choose " NOT TO BELIEVE " 

That is why Agnostic = Exempt.

I choose not to take a vaccine because I know that Covid 19 is a conspiracy.

Agnostic = Conspiracy theorist = Exempt.

I choose to be exempt from taking a vaccine because I do not believe in the fucking VIRUS.

I do not need to be medical exempt nor religious to be exempt from the vaccine.

Whether Goran is exempt for whatever reason, he is EXEMPT.

 He shall be treat no different than anyone else for whatever reason.



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He has been decline because he failed to provide evidence.

Where is the Australians evidence????

Where is the scientific paper that Sars Cov 2 or Covid 19 has been isolated and purified in a lab??

Cos this is what stands up in a court not assumption or failure to provide fucking evidence.

Failure to provide evidence= thrown out.

Cos thats where this case is going, fucking no where very fast.

Djokovic does not need any evidence for it, cos the Australian government has none either.

Fucking joke

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Daft isn't it. A brief look at the adverse reaction data should be a medical exemption on it's own, but no one's allowed to go there in clown world. As far as i gather he's going for the 'previously contracted covid' angle, to claim exemption.


Just realised you triple posted this thread. Lol. I'm sure the mods will sort it out.

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Why should he use the wild card to get out of the situation?

He should use his status in tennis and say I go and I don't come back here again.

Sponsors will follow him.

A lot of celebrities have come on David Icke and shed their views and suffered repercussions.

The only thing with Djokovic, he is standing his ground, cos he can afford to.

I am glad he has done this because it will open a can of worms on travel and a persons privacy.

The whole rule of exemption needs to be clarified.

Where is the bottom line here?

If I go through a country which has a different religion than me.  Two Christian passengers go through and ethnic Irish traveller and my self if I am agnostic.

Will I get questioned why I don't believe in religion? No I would not, I would get the same respect in a religious manner as I should medical or philosophical.

I don't even know why the Australian government are even challenging this, because their tourism industry is already in turmoil over their fascist treatment towards its people.

Same as Macron, " I vow to piss off the unvaccinated".

So I cant go to cinema Mr Macron? Ok I will download the new spiderman film off the internet for free and the box office loses LOL.

You are not pissing me off, you are pissing off the very people that need my cash fella the cinema.

I vow to piss you off cos you are not vaccinated. I am rolling in money because of this pandemic cos of your restrictions LOL.

As for Djokovic, is this some publicity stunt to wake up Australian people or is this man the legend he really is in sport?

Win or lose, he did what I would have done, and said "Fuck you and your vaccine".

I arn't a big fan of tennis, but a fan of sportsmen who stand out and tell it the way it is...








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