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The SHIT behind the SHIT


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Wow....the shit behind the shit..... That's some well hidden shit.... is there any more shit behind the shit that's behind the shit...


There might be.....  I don't know what to make of Brendon. He had  a big falling out with Dr Kevin Mccairn at the https://www.mccairndojo.com/


Brendon seems quite blue pilled in a lot of ways...... and then the next moment gets really fed-postey on other people's shows saying it's time to physically take out people in government......

I don't know....... I think maybe he could be a bit unstable....

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Apologies for the second link above, its not working correctly and head towards a different set of videos, this is youtube playing games as here I will put the same link URL and we get what was meant to be shown,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,as the must watch 10 videos.





as you can see, the same URL information link and a set of different videos,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,please play this link.





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