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Happy New Year.....


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1 hour ago, Truthspoon said:

Anyone have any premonitions, channelings or thoughts about 2022?


Is it going to get better? Or a lot worse?



Supposed to be positive at this time of year I guess. 


I think that pretty much depends on 'what you believe'.


A recent video from Hugo Talks reminded me of how 'we manifest our own reality', and I think we all need to be careful about what we focus our own attention and thoughts on, or indeed how we allow ourselves to be focused in that way.


From the Memes thread:



The old saying is "be careful what you wish for" and I do think that holds true, and equally applies to anyone who is 'worried' about what they keep reading about, even amongst the 'conspiracy circles'.


In 2022, I aim to keep a watchful eye on what goes on within the 'conspiracy circles' as it is invaluable to keep in mind. But ultimately, I intend to focus more on those 'positive thoughts' and keep upbeat and optimistic about things.


Do I want 'covid/vaccine passports' to become more prevalent? Nah, fuck that, not happening in my own mind.


Here's one example from recent weeks where I think this works:

Prior to Christmas, the media were parroting stuff from the MetOffice about 'heavy snow' and freezing conditions over Christmas. I was really not looking forward to this, though I probably wouldn't have minded some snow on Christmas Day, it was just the travelling back home from my parents that I wouldn't have enjoyed.

So instead of worrying about this, I told myself it wasn't going to happen, and confidently I didn't take my boots or thick jumpers with me.


Lo and behold, it never snowed, and it didn't get really cold, in fact it turned out quite mild, despite being overcast and gloomy.


So yeah, this seems like a strange example, but I do believe from this that it is possible to manifest your reality from your own thoughts and beliefs.


Just this evening while popping out to the shop, I bumped into my neighbour who wished me a 'happy new year', and she said "its got to be better than this one".


To which I merely said, "well it will be, as long as you hope for the best and keep positive".



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I totally agree with the reality creation thing...which now might seem like new-age throwback, in these dark times....but we used to do forum experiments and even made it rain in Wagga Wagga in Australia to break a drought.... It was all documented and recorded...it was literally miraculous.... the then Forum Advisor Limelady coordinated it after my initial thread suggesting we manifest our power as a group somehow.


If you're interested I can post up the documentation... but not really into self promotion because it's all ego after all.


New forum manifestation experiment for the new year?


I'd love to get like minded believers in Infinite Consciousness and Infinite Potential on that....


I'm not an organiser though...would be happy to leave the 'social' bit to someone who is good with people......


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15 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

My new year resolutions for 2022 are as follows:


1) don't get jabbed with a genome altering and cardiac arrest inducing experimental mRNA injection

2) don't get incarcerated in a quarantine camp


Do i ask too much from life?

My main priority is to protect my child from the needle nazis

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