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The Vatican’s Unimaginable Wealth

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Yeah, thats why I don't go in for Organized Religion and although the Roman Church is bad, abominable even, just look at the Evangelists in the States and Africa peddling Christianity over phone lines and TV channels.


Religion is a racket. To borrow from Smedleys 'War is a racket'. War, crime, religion, all comercialized. Private Prisons, Private Arms manufacture and comercialized Churches selling salvation.

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Religion can also save lives and I for one will continue to dig deep in order to support the great work the RCC does around the world. Like all things there are negatives and there is no doubt darkness within the corners of religious organisations, but this is part of being a mirror for society. We need to be able to see religious organisations as a way to better ourselves by considering their teachings with an open mind. To focus on the darkness suggests to me that such a person might benefit greatly from also paying some attention to the light that shines bright from Christianity.

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