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Has anyone been through a kundalini awakening before?


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I'm going through ascension right now, and my solar plexus chakra is starting to open.  I'm having GI issues of chronic gas.  This whole process has been accompanied by dreams, visions, self-dialog, and about 30 lbs of weight gain.. so.. yer.. I'm getting a lot of the symptoms.  I was just wondering if anyone had been through this process before and had the gas issue and knew how to solve it.

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I will not comment on what you are experiencing since it is a personal journey---but whatever you label 'it'----


-GERD/ IBS/ gas kind of symptoms will persist for quite a while.


-You need to eat easily digested food, fresh fruits, vegetables etc BUT only what your body already has memory of---depending on genetic structure, where you live and the climate/ locally grown food. Do not push the body's digestive system to adapt to new things.


-Zero alcohol.


-Try a few things that work...for some people a glass of cold milk works, while for others not...


-Deep abdominal breathing


-Longer periods of exercises/ walks/ some jogging


-Do not 'fritter' it away in anger, 'org**m' etc.---however not judging personal choices


-Increase hunger is shifting of 'energy' system in body--the food you eat now is directly feeding your 'spiritual ascension'. Therefore eat with awareness, gratitude and complete joy....and eat slowly...



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your comment was helpful.  i do experience periods of incredible hunger where I simply can't eat enough to get full.  it seems like my stomach is a bottomless pit.  other times, I can go a day or two without eating anything pretty much.  kinda a weird thing I'm going through.  it was a bumpy ride for 6 months.  i almost didn't make it.  my mind was roasted.

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