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Vax Batch Check Information Cards, Leaflets, etc ...


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Hi all.


Further to an idea presented in the main Covid-19 thread, regarding designing informative cards and leaflets/flyers etc. to be downloaded, printed and distributed by anyone willing to pass on such information, I have started this new topic in which collaboration is encouraged to finalise designs for maximum impact.


Please add all of your thoughts, constructive or otherwise, so that we can produce items that will hopefully stop some in their tracks and prompt them to investigate further.


I'll start off with a really basic A4 leaflet (which could be scaled to other sizes if required) that I've quickly knocked up in Photoshop just to give you an idea of the direction we may take with this ...






Right-click or long-tap the image above to download a copy.


A link to the downloadable PDF for the image above can be found here.


As I say, basic, but to the point I think. The QR Code url's have been added to enable anyone without a scanner app installed to still visit The Expose website.


Please add your own ideas/likes/dislikes/improvements/amendments below so that we can discuss everything before finalising designs.


Also, please can I ask that you try to avoid sidetracking this thread. I know it's hard at times (and I'm just as guilty!) but time is of the essence and I'd like to see some polished results that we can all download and distribute by whatever means we have at our disposal.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. 👍




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My first query would be: Do the Batch Codes represent actual codes used in the UK for the 3 vaccine types?


May be something that needs looking into before publishing flyers etc. Anyone know off-hand?


Wouldn't do to publish duff info, would it, like the government and MSM?!


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