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⭕️ A Merry “COVID” Christmas - Fascist Facilitators 🍩


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Psychological Hacking - Subconscious Invaders



Wake Up Nazi Facilitator’s!





We also need to realise, that some people don’t want to, not that they can’t see this.
They benefit and get a leg 🦵 up on things being this way as they’re in cahoots with their cronies, their partners in crime and so have to go along with it or they’re forced to go along with it to maintain their “PRIVILEGES”, their leg up program - enter promotion of a “Common Purpose”.



Some people don’t get this and continue banging their heads against a brick wall trying to “educate” others, not seeing how or why it is they can’t see the scam. It’s wilful ignorance, not complete ignorance…
Often times, some of these people know full well what you’re on about but are content in playing a role and maintaining the illusion so long as their “PRIVILEGES” are maintained and will do anything to keep and not lose their “PRIVILEGES”, even if that comes at the expense of others rights, fundamental freedoms or the privileges of all.
This is how such people are actually used and their benefit often comes at the sacrifice, the loss of others - artificial hierarchical design is created, placing the privileges above those who have opportunities taken away from them, a monopoly a stranglehold - and they either ignore this or are content at benefiting on the sacrifice of others as the cornerstone of their ideology.


Like the destruction of Germany prior to WWII then buying up land and settling to create the atmosphere for WWII - people forget this…

The destruction of Palestine and buying up land and settling to create the atmosphere for WWIII - people forget this.

The destruction of Greece, setup for failure - people don’t or understand the geopolitical aspects of this…
While those who destroy these, exploit, take advantage and gain as a result. “Survival of the fittest!

These people often want the power that fascism gives them and then when it inevitably all fails apart, they blame a single head for all the faults and create a looney tune type cartoon villain out of them so the true agenda and crimes against humanity can’t be seen, and their facilitators all seek asylum under other true perpetrators of fascism behind a globalist agenda, not simply a nationalist one!




Tell me that Boris and Biden aren’t good examples of cartoon type villains?
They’re pathetic. 

But if you’re deluded into believing they’re the people behind all this fascism,  not “those society’s with secrets” you won’t get it. They’re scapegoats, working towards the path of complete destruction and dismantlement of the former systems of power. So out of this path of slow but sure destruction, a path we have been on for a very long time now, the new globalist system can be created and justified out of the chaos of that collapse.
So the temple can be ushered in atop a mass amount of bloodshed and China’s social credit system is carbon copied around the world via everything “SMART” and Transhumanist.


Many of the crooks and cronies believe they have their safe heaven’s but, even many of them are designed to fail and have the ground from beneath them sold out, thrown into chaos like the rest of those “unfit to survive”, the “useless eaters” like grandma and grandpa…

It is the destruction of nations and the destruction of people!
All designed to destroy peoples spirit or exploit peoples spirit into a false and phoney unification to support the very thing that’s being ushered in!
The eradication of free will unless you’re an occultist psychopath living beyond the radiation zone within a nature reserve sanctuary which the masses believe to be inhospitable from their high rise “SMART” Tower block!





if you want it…

Merry Christmas ya Filthy Animals! 



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  • DannyUK changed the title to ⭕️ A Merry “COVID” Christmas - Fascist Facilitators 🍩

🎄Merry Christmas Everyone! 🤶 
Don't let the bastards grind you down 🪓




Everything to do with the "V" is a scam and designed to destroy your spirit, designed to place you within bowel, base root consciousness, the lower chakras and within chronic frustration, stress and looking over your shoulder, or else a wide eyed 👁 mind controlled zombie idiot.


The "V" itself is designed to block higher states of consciousness, the war of the seven seals. 
This is all psychological deception, design, scripted.
Don't comply with it, much worse is planned to come. 



"The Hunger Games Society" - limit and rationing of resources. 
Comply or Die - you're denied resource access, comply or starve - survival of the sickest.


Don't keep pushing back the line in the sand, that's how tyranny takes hold but some people will only wait until then, when it's too late to see and admit what exists and state what's actually occurring and will remain in denial suggesting "Conspiracy Theory" until this time next week or next year, it's accepted as truth, as if it’s always been accepted as truth "that everyone knows that" as if it was never denied as a "Conspiracy Theory" this time last week or last year...

Anywhere that pushes fascism "V" nonsense just don't do it if you can't do it without participation in fascism, you can't do it without complying with things that are questionable to your intelligence, they simply don't make sense, to do the things you've always done without having to participate in complete and utter lunacy! 🌙 
This is a sick and crazy society.



If enough people say no it can't be enforced, but enough people have to not be sick and psychologically damaged/weak because of being exposed to this type of warfare.

Nothing is being targeted more at the moment, than anything considered entertainment, R&R.
This is being considered as not important, as not an essential part of life or daily living.
That, if you want to participate in this, you have to comply and so people will "go with it without it" or do without it for now, without appearing impacted, until this seeps into all aspects of life by becoming normalised if you're expected to do anything considered "normal" by "having a life"...




This is for a reason to stress everyone out if you have balls, brains and a backbone to see and speak this and not just comply so you can have some form of "escapism". 
This mentality of "escapism" is being designed to trap you and have you building your own prison.



Virtue Signalling morons, complete and utter prats of the "robot radicals" attempt to make compliance a virtue and noncompliance a sin. 
To have people participating with any amount of nonsense, simply for an easy life.

This is Psychological Warfare!


(This is a new religion and it is, psychological fascism!)

It's spiritual warfare, it's designed to destory and dominate people's spirit until they're turned into something that is no longer human...



Anyone who can't see this are completely in a chosen state of ignorance because this state benefits or comforts them in some way, they are in denial, p!ss!ng into the wind, carrying out lateral flow tests or shoving things up their nose until they tickle their own brains. 
Who knows, maybe they're testing if or not they actually have one 🧠

Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals!


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Maybe this deserves a separate thread but I'll add it here for now...


The Surveillance Society - The Invasion of Privacy - Body and Mind


Have you ever watched the movie Enemy of the State?


✌️"V" Tony Scott "V" ✌️ - Director of Enemy of the State - Suicided


I've mentioned this movie on the forum a couple of times.

Specifically in reference to 9/11 - The Trigger

When Buildings Start Blowing Up - ⏸️

The installation of Fascism - Openly 


The birthday of Thomas Brian Reynolds in the movie, is shown and stated on a computer in "Brill's" Faraday cage office, before the scene where it is blown up and the building comes down.

It's of course 9/11...


Well, I'm just watching the movie again and randomly paused a scene out of curiosity and guess what else has come up?

I've searched this afterwards and have seen others have noticed this but this definitely needs more exposure of the context.



Date - 02/12/66 - Curiosity sake maybe this has a reference?

1966 - 666 - Corona - XXX - ...


Heres a screenshot...


This screen isn't on very long you won't have time to read it just watching the movie...


Cartography Subversion Techcould have multiple meanings of technology - implantables Nanotech - in the body to create a digital map, as an extension of this surveillance state. Not simply using overhead satellites to map environmental territories. 


KH-10 - Manned Orbiting Laboratory - Black Budget Op, Cold War to Vietnam War...


Rather more obvious Middle East Global Zionist Geopolitics 


The name of a new variant?

Or a VAX Ingredient?

No idea...


Nudge aka 

"Subversive Cartographies"


'To be subversive, is to wish to overthrow, destroy or undermine the principles of established orders.

As such subversive cartographies offer alternative representations to established social and political norms. Maps are no longer cast as mirrors of reality, instead they are increasingly conceived as diverse ways of thinking, perceiving and representing space and place which express values, world-views and emotions. Maps are no longer part of an elite discourse: they can empower, mystify, and enchant. More critical assessments of mapping increasingly explore subversive contexts strongly associated with innovative methodological approaches, with mapping seen as an explicitly situated form of knowledge. This shift has been strongly facilitated by the increasing popularity of new media, burgeoning technological change and newly developing mapping spaces (eg OpenStreetMap, WorldMapper and EmotionMap).

So subversive mapping has an agency, which can be enacted outside existing cartographic conventions. It has escaped from the grasp of cartographers: everybody is mapping nowadays.” (edited from the original call for papers)'







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