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Backwards Beliefs - Nanci L.Danison

Andy Macc

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This book, being one of five, my partner Shell, having read four, revealing eternal truths hidden in religions. 

Published in 2011 by former US top attorney, after her three near death life changing experiences. 


Shell has spoken with her directly and, if unknown to you, I’m sure will ring so many bells.


Just have to give this some light.


PS Now 1.5 hours into The Trueman interview with Jorn Luka. From my love of steam trains too, to the perceptions, programming, illusions and synchronicities unfolding. Shell and I’s lift out of the life we had before lock up is itself, incredible. The changes were swift and guided. We see this clearly now, we just did our best to get out the way. This interview is on fire. Heard bits before of course, on the weekly shows but, an absolute, total joy to get a more in depth and detailed run. My childhood memories of David on That’s Life and the good feeling he gave out, is massive, like John Noakes on Blue Peter. This, coupled with the great awakening and the mass formation, is helping me understand as to why I was so misunderstood and, why I never understood the crazy, mad world I was growing up in or the people who unknowingly attempted to thwart my truth and joy. I remember vividly how an always pleasant, lovely Terry Wogan suddenly turned on David, how the audience too joined in and because of early numerous experiences, felt the hurt too inside, very deeply for him. How, as I grew up I learnt to play the game to get by and just as I began taking the persona masks off, inspired after seeing a performance of an ancient Chinese performance by a dancer in Beijing removing paper masks, was then a few years later instructed to begin wearing another. This got an instant, NO! No, not out of selfishness as some sleeping friends accused me of being but, out of that feeling something isn’t right, something is wrong, not again, no! 

I introduced Shelley to you David, along with Gareth and Jamie and since we met and got together she has opened the floodgates for me through her simple love and spiritual life experience, dedication, discipline and practice. I was told when we met quite clearly by a voice without and within, “There she is!” I swore and said, “You must be bl…y joking” as if we spoke and I heard this voice all the time. Very surreal but, knew it and knew that after all this time, when it came, it is and was that simple x


Happy Solstice,


Andy x



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